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? Our whole hallway is covered in wallpaper from the seventies and we keep putting off removing because of the thought of the back-breaking work involved. What’s the easiest way to tackle it? ? How long will it take me to paint the inside and outside of my house? ? I’m thinking about using a spray gun to paint the outside of our house. Is this feasible? ? Our kitchen is still serviceable but the cupboard doors are a very 80s apricot colour. Is there any way to paint them so I can avoid replacing them? ? How do I paint with a roller? ? How do I decide when to use a roller or a paintbrush? ? What order do I paint a room in? ? Whats the difference between oil and water based paint?
testing colour
Testing Paint Colours in Your Home

Oct 15, 2013 by Inspirations Paint Comments

Interior Designers, colour experts and professional painters the world over have a secret about how to choose paint colours properly. Many will think the key to the code is using Sample Pots but they couldn’t be more wrong. 

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How to care for outdoor timber furniture

Oct 09, 2013 by Inspirations Paint Comments

Most woods used in outdoor furniture naturally withstand decay, but their lifespan can be greatly extended and their colour better preserved by some ongoing care. A combination of dirt, dust, pollen and pollution will fill exposed cells in the wood, which turns it a dull grey. This weathering process is accelerated by direct sunlight and salt and so a little regular maintenance will go a long way to protecting your outdoor timber furniture.

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