5 Tips for Painting Outdoors this Summer

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5 Tips for Painting Outdoors this Summer Articles

5 Tips for Painting Outdoors this Summer

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Tackling an outdoor painting project in the Australian Summer can present a number of obstacles. Not only do you need to consider the extreme weather conditions and how your paint will react to it, but you also need to work out how you’re going to watch the Cricket and entertain your kids on school holidays at the same time.

Summer painting tips

It’s like tackling a project in hard mode, and while we’d love to offer our babysitting services, we should probably stick to what we know best and give you our top tips to get your outdoor painting project done right this summer:

  1. Preparation is always key, but even more so outdoors as the exterior of your home is always exposed to the elements. Make sure you clean the surfaces you’re planning to paint to remove any dirt, mould, mildew and spider webs etc before you get started. 
  2. If it’s a going to be a hot, sunny day, get an early start and follow the shade around the house so you’re not standing in the hot sun. Remember to always wear sunscreen and a hat and stay hydrated too, you won’t be getting much painting done with a nasty case of sunstroke! 
  3. If you do have to paint in the sun and you’re using waterbased paints you can spray the walls lightly with water before you paint to cool them down and make the job faster and easier (for waterbased paints only). 
  4. If you’re painting anything metallic (like a gate or fence) these surfaces can be much hotter than your walls and can give you brush strokes in the finish as the paint dries before you get the chance to even it out. If you’re using water based paints you can dip your brush in a small amount of water to help the flow of paint, but if the metal is in direct sunlight we recommend leaving this job earlier in the morning when it’s cooler. 
  5. Always keep an eye on your surface temperature and always check the manufacturer’s recommendations for application on the back of the can, if you’re unsure or need extra tips or advice, talk to your friendly Inspirations Paint team member at your local store for help Click here to find your nearest store.
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