60 Minutes with 60 Minute Makeover Star Richard Randall

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60 Minutes with 60 Minute Makeover Star Richard Randall Articles

60 Minutes with 60 Minute Makeover Star Richard Randall

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We recently caught up with UK celebrity interior designer, Richard Randall, while on holiday in Oz. Over lunch we asked Richard for the inside info on the latest international trends in interior design and also for some practical tips to help you out with your DIY makeover project.

While most people might recognise Richard from his role on 60 Minute Makeover which airs on Foxtel and Seven Two in Australia, Richard has a long and colourful background when it comes to interior design.

His Dad was an interior designer, so from the age of seven, Richard went along to jobs with his Dad servicing clients and selecting colours. He is now a top UK interior designer and TV presenter and his Dad could not be more proud. He also runs his own extremely successful design and wedding planning business which allows him to combine his passion for flowers with design.

Celebrity Interior Designer

What are the key trends coming out of the UK at the moment?

Recycled and vintage is huge at the moment in the UK due to a tough economy. The emerging trend is exciting with a retro/vintage feel being created by mixing old with new; 'an old sofa, new clock, that colour you love... that connection gives the room spirit' says Richard.

Despite impressions that UK interiors use dark, bold colours everywhere, whites and neutrals are 'absolutely huge', think nudes, beige and taupe. 'They are a great paint colour choice for people who love accessories, as that's where they can add the colour'.

The emerging wallpaper trend in oz is apparent in the UK too as it fits in perfectly with the vintage/retro trend, but 'keep in mind that using wallpaper makes paint colour selection even more important', as it's another surface that the paint has to compliment.

Patterned carpet is in believe it or not. 'Checked, striped, plaid & floral'. Stripes are huge; thin stripes contemporary, thick stripes classic. Goes for wallpaper and textured paints too.

Where do you get your inspiration from for your makeovers?

'Everywhere' says Richard, including restaurants, bars, other people's homes; 'I always carry a camera with me to capture inspiration'.

Richard is heavily inspired by flowers and the natural environment, as it helps connect the inside and outside.
Home magazines and websites are a great source of inspiration for DIY-ers as they show completed rooms and allows you to get an idea of what you like.

What are your favourite materials to use in a makeover project?

'Texture, pattern and colour', you have to get the mixture right and colour alone doesn't excite, 'I want to be excited by a room' says Richard.

What are your favourite paint colours at the moment?

Red is very popular, but his favourite paint colour is green; 'use earthy greens from lime to khaki and even mix them together'. It can be both classic and contemporary and links to his love for bringing the natural environment in.
Richard also says 'blue is the new black!' but, it can be a difficult colour to work with to get the look you want.

What are your top 5 tips you could give to Inspirations customers who are looking to do a DIY makeover project?

1. PLANNING: 'I always say, the better the planning the better the end result'. You're going to be stuck with it for a while in most cases so do your research.
2. MOOD BOARDS: This is a great way to know if you'll be satisfied with the overall look. Take fabric swatches, paint colour samples, wallpaper samples, magazine snippets and any other materials you want to use in your scheme, put them all together on a board and 'live with it!' If you can't live with it, make a change.
3. SAMPLE POTS: 'Paint colours can look different on the wall than they do in your head', more importantly they change with the light. Sample pots are the best way to make sure the colour you want looks the way you imagined it.
4. BE ROOM CONSIDERATE: Make sure the look you want works in your space and will create the feeling that you want for that room.
5. RANDALL-ISE DON'T VANDALISE!: 'Be creative, throw the rules out and make your house your home'; gather inspiration from wherever you like, but make sure you represent who you are through your home.


The latest colour trends emerging from the New York fashion scene, influencing interior design are:

50s Miami

Pale Blue, pinks, mint greens - pastels with a retro feel

Vintage Glam

Metallic's and textured paints - helps to lift neutral colours by adding texture and interest.

Global Travel

All the colours of a butterflies wings! Blue, emerald, teal, orange etc

Modern Organic

Earthy greens from lime to khaki and even mix them together.

Check out all these colours and more on the Inspirations Paint Colour Wall.

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