7 Perfect Studies That Everyone Wants

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7 Perfect Studies That Everyone Wants Articles

7 Perfect Studies That Everyone Wants

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Contrasting darker tones with pops of bright yellow adds brightness and character to a versatile space.

Green is a great neutral colour to use in a shared study room. Soft greens promote a comfortable and soothing environment pefect for kids doing their homwork.

Using white in an office is always heavily debated on. White rooms create an air of simplicity and sophistcation, and is the perfect template for decorating with fun modern artwork.

Minimalist, industrial chic is a popular design choice. Soften the look with rugs and fresh plants.

Our personal favpurite of the lot! Combine practicality with creativity by welcoming a blackboard wall to your study! Yu'll never have a need for loose paper again!

Get the creative vibes flowing with this bright office!

Study spaces don't always have to be whole rooms - transform the end of a hallway or empty wall into a study nook perfect for homework or small at-home tasks.

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