DIY Chalkboard Calendar

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DIY Chalkboard Calendar Articles

DIY Chalkboard Calendar

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Get your study area ready for school and university this year with a DIY chalkboard calendar. One of the most important factors in any study routine is keeping organised and a calendar is a great resource to keep you on track with this. 

All you’ll need to complete a project like this is a sheet of timber (For this DIY chalkboard calendar project, we used a 900mm X 1200mm piece of timber), a dropsheet, a mini roller brush, a 1 litre can of Porters Paint’s Chalkboard Paint and a roll of painters tape.

To start, spread out your dropsheet and place your timber on it (If you have carpeted floors underneath you should also be using a plastic dropsheet). Clean and dry the surface of the timber with a cloth. Then you will need to apply an undercoat to the timber. For this project we used Berger Triple Prep Oil Based. After you have given this two hours to dry, you will be ready to start measuring off the calendar grid.

The way you measure out your calendar is entirely up to you. You can make it monthly, weekly or even yearly. You can even have a space for notes. We decided to go with a monthly heading with each day of the week getting its own column of squares.

Measure out the sections of your calendar to make it all evenly spaced and apply tape to the area. Once you have done this you will be ready to apply your first coat of Porters Chalkboard paint.

Apply two coats of the chalkboard paint and allow a minimum three hours drying time between each coat. Be generous with each coat and use a mini roller brush to give it a smooth, even finish. Three hours after the second coat is dry, you can then remove the painters tape and voila, your DIY chalkboard calendar is done.

TIP: Your DIY chalkboard calendar will need at least two days of rest before you can begin using chalk on it. It needs this time to properly set and will make it last longer.

Porters Paints chalkboard paint comes in a range of colours. For the project above, we used the colour black. 

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