DIY Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper

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DIY Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper Articles

DIY Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper

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It's Christmas time and what better way to get in the festive mood by creating some DIY wrapping paper? Plus who doesn’t love a good paint splatter project?

As you can guess this project was a messy one and needed some preparation beforehand to ensure the area being worked in didn't get covered in paint.

Start by laying down a drop cloth or old sheet around the table or area you plan on doing the project, making sure to cover extra ground as paint splats can end up anywhere and everywhere.

Roll out a long strip of uncoated paper or butchers paper roughly 1.5 meters long and lay on a flat surface, once you choose your colours, you're ready to start flicking. Don't be scared to load up your brush with paint, in this case the more paint the better,  standing about a foot away, use long downward motions and start flicking the paint onto the paper to create your unique paint splatters. Wait a couple of hours for the paint to dry then simply roll it up and start wrapping.

For this project we used left over Dulux Sample Pots in the following colours, Vivid White, Night Flight & Suede Copper.

This project was so simple, a bit messy but a lot of fun, and it means you can use up some of the old sample pots you might have lying around the house so it was also cost effective, plus it will add an extra personal touch to your gifts this Christmas.

Hint/tip: For something different try using contrasting colours like black paper with metallic paint or white paper with black paint.

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