Exterior Transformation

Maverick Microfibre Roller Cover 4mmX230mm

Microfibre has a high absorption capacity resulting in the efficient pick up and release of paint and provides a consistently smooth finish. Microfibre is ideal for both water and oil based paints and great for all surface applications.

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Spitfire Wall Brush 38mm

Ideal for painting broad areas of walls with all paint types
Quality synthetic filaments provide good paint pick up and smooth release
Good bristle density & length provides a professional smooth finish
No bristle loss
Easy cleaning
Maplewood handle has a beavertail shape for grip comfort
Handle timber is sourced from responsibly managed forests

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Exterior Transformation Articles

Exterior Transformation

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Could the exterior of your home use a little freshen up in time for summer? Spring is the perfect month for tackling an exterior paint project and getting your home transformed and ready for the outdoors season. 

The cool air and warm sun provide the perfect climate for getting outdoors and throwing some paint over the exterior of your house (also is a great way to significantly add value to your home at a low cost just quietly).

My husband and I decided to do just that last week. We got our friend Barry the painter to come over and throw some much needed colour over the side of our house. Check out the before and after shots in the video above to see how much a massive difference a little bit of paint can make to your home.

Colours used in the video above

The exterior paint project in the video above used the following colours:

The gutters – Woodland Grey

The broad wall / weatherboard panels and eaves – Silkwort

The chimney and brick – Stepney

The trims – Vivid White


We've also prepared this article here to give you some helpful tips on planning your next exterior paint project. Includes colour selection advice, planning advice, and painting tips. 

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White seems like the easiest, safest and most straight-forward way to go when choosing paint colours. For that reason many home-owners start their painting project by saying they are going to paint their house simply ‘off-white’, only to find themselves bamboozled by the seemingly endless spectrum of white paint on offer.

Here’s three handy tips you probably didn’t know about paint preparation. If you’re going to start a paint project, this is what you need to know.

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