Hallway Makeover

Spitfire Wall Brush 50mm
  • Ideal for painting broad areas of walls with all paint types
  • Quality synthetic filaments provide good paint pick up and smooth release
  • Good bristle density & length provides a professional smooth finish
  • No bristle loss
  • Easy cleaning
  • Maplewood handle has a beavertail shape for grip comfort
  • Handle timber is sourced from responsibly managed forests

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Maverick Oval Cutter 50mm

Perfect for cutting in walls and trims with all paint types. Quality synthetic, tapered filaments with a straight edge for precise cutting in. Blend of filament lengths provides greater control. Filament is specially treated so the brush retains its shape for longer. No bristle loss. Easy cleaning. Round thin handle makes the brush easier to control. Handle timber is sourced from responsibly managed forests.

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Hallway Makeover Articles

Hallway Makeover

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We go nuts over hallway paint projects. It’s the part of your home that connects all the other rooms together. 

For Mother’s Day this year we decided to spoil one of the mum’s in our Paint Club by giving away a brand new hallway makeover free of charge. We hired a colour consultant to choose colours that worked well with the existing colours in the home and a professional painter to do all the painting work. Shout out to Shane from Shellco Property Services.

To keep with the modern theme of this particular project, we kept the main wall a colour that was consistent with the bedroom, living area and other rooms of the home. The colour used here was Dulux Glinks Gully.

We decided to complement the main walls with a feature wall at the end of the hallway to really set it off. The colour we used here was Dulux Winter Sea. One of the great things about feature walls is that you can use them to change the visual aspect of a room without significantly changing other colour schemes around the house.

Another thing we decided to do here was use a lighter shade on the skirting, architraves and doorways. The colour we used here was Dulux Vivid White. Lighter colours have the visual effect of adding depth to a light colour without darkening the room. We also kept the ceiling a light colour to give the perception that they were higher and brighter than they actually were.

PRO TIP: When painting the ceiling in the hallway, always go with the light to avoid unwanted roller marks.

This particular hallway project had floorboards, was well lit, long and wide and had an extra high ceiling.  The natural timber flooring enhances the natural warmth of colours in the room.

The end result is a new, fresh looking hallway with a feature wall that makes it pop.

Watch the video above to check out the before and after shots.

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