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Hallway Refresh Project Articles

Hallway Refresh Project

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With the warmer weather fast approaching there’s no better time to start a paint project and give your interior walls a much needed refresh. Our hallway was looking a bit drab and outdated, and we wanted something fresher to make the space feel open, bright and inviting.

Using the advice from Inspirations Paint Colour Consultant and Interior Designer, Alex Ace in our article ‘It’s Going to be all White’ we decided to go with Dulux Natural White.



I prepared the area by laying a drop sheet and sticking painters tape along the skirting boards to avoid getting any paint on them and to achieve a nice straight finish. As the wall was already painted and in good condition we didn’t need an undercoat.


I started by cutting-in along the skirting board using a Spitfire Angled Sash Cutter, then used a Maverick Microfibre Roller and extension pole to roll the wall, loading up the roller with enough paint to ensure a nice even coverage. After waiting the recommended two hours, I then applied a second coat. Taking a step back I could really notice the difference between the old and new colour and was impressed to see just how easy it was to change the space from dull and lifeless to fresh and vibrant, the next step was to add some colour.


Entry Table

Furniture can have a big impact on the space you’re adding it to, especially if you’re wanting to introduce colour or add a bold statement piece that will really stand out and get people talking.

We decided to update our existing white and gold wooden entry table to make it more modern and add a pop of colour to the hallway. To help us decide which colour to use we enlisted the help our friends at Inspirations Paint Grafton (who do a lot of furniture up-cycle projects) to see what colours and products they recommend using and what would work well with the Dulux Natural White wall. We also talked about the type of finish and overall style we wanted to achieve. After discussing a few different options, we choose Berger Blue Dimension, a modern, deep blue colour as our main feature and opted to keep the legs gold as they complimented the blue and created the perfect contrast.

As the table was already painted and still in good condition, we didn’t need to undercoat it, instead we gave it a light sand then wiped down using a damp cloth and a little bit of methylated sprits to remove any excess dirt and grime. We had the Berger colour tinted into Dulux Aquanamel Gloss as it’s a durable, non-yellowing, water based gloss enamel that is fast drying, low odour, easy water wash-up and ideal for timber doors, trims and furniture. We chose the gloss finish as it dries to an ultra-smooth and tough chip resistant finish.

As I started painting the table top I noticed I was leaving noticeable brush marks and so switched from using a paint brush to a mini roller. Using the roller allowed the paint to distribute more evenly giving a nice smooth finish. For the smaller more intricate parts of the table I chose to use a sample pot brush, as I don’t have the steadiest hand I found using this brush easier to apply the paint. After waiting the recommended two hours, I started on the second coat using the same method. 

The result was better than I imagined, smooth and glossy, the finish turned out perfect and looked great with the gold legs and Dulux Natural White backdrop. To complete this new sophisticated look, we needed to add something extra that would create a bit of texture.

Photo Frame

We continued our upcycling theme and with the help of the Dulux Duramax specialty range of spray paint finishes, which includes an effect called Granite, we were able to cost effectively create a beautiful new photo frame that matched our new scheme perfectly.

I propped up the old bare timber photo frame in a well ventilated area and sprayed it with Zinsser Cover Stain Undercoat-Sealer, waited the 30-minute dry time, then began gently spraying the granite effect paint in a continuous motion over the frame making sure not to miss any sides or angles. After just 2 minutes drying time I applied another coat and repeated once more to achieve the recommended three coats. This amazing product from Dulux is so easy to use, it’s fast drying and delivers an impressive granite effect that’s ideal for refreshing both interior or exterior items, giving them a second life in your home.

Finishing Touches

With a few added touches of metallic to tie in the gold legs of the table and a complimentary image to place in the frame, the end result for this project speaks for itself. The hallway has been brought back to life! With a fresh white wall colour, an added splash of contemporary blue, along with rose gold and gold metallic finishes and the granite effect photo frame, refreshing your space this Spring has never been easier.

Project Name

Red, White and Grey

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