Marine Paint

Weatherfast Premium Enamel Gloss

A balanced blend of premium raw materials to produce the highest quality marine grade enamel. For use on prepared steel, aluminium, concrete, timber and other surfaces where performance and durability is paramount.

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Northane Gloss

The premium grade two-pack polyurethane for durability and fade resistance. Excellent chemical, waterproofing and weathering properties. Ideal for refurbishing most surfaces. Home, leisure, commercial and industry.

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Marine Paint Articles

Marine Paint

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A number of Inspirations Paint stores stock marine paint for painting and coating all types of boats from yachts and outriggers to tinnies and dinghies.

marine paint

Typically, for painting boats, the paint is applied with the use of a spray gun. The paint is also pre-thinned with thinner to allow a more self-levelling (smooth) finish. For this reason, Polyurethane is one of our most popular types of marine paint as it gives a much more self-levelling finish. Most importantly, it is also waterproof.

Primers are another popular product used for marine paint projects due to the surface of the boat typically spending a lot of time underwater.

One of our more popular types of marine paint is Anti-fouling paint (bottom paint). When painted to the hull of a boat or a ship, this paint will slow the growth of organisms that will attach themselves to the boat and affect the vessels performance and durability. Antifouling paint also acts as a barrier against corrosion on metal hulls.

For help with your marine paint project, speak to our expert staff about the specific details of your project and they will get you in the right direction.

Click here to see the list of Inspirations Paint stores that stock marine paint.

Our leading supplier of marine paint is Norglass Paints and Specialty Finishes.

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