Meet Loungy

Wash & Wear +Plus Super Tough

Two pack epoxy for ultimate resistance to scrapes, scratches and scrubbing. For walls subjected to rough wear-and-tear.

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Zinsser Cover Stain

This Zinsser Cover Up White Matt Spray Paint is a low odour, aerosol stain killer and ceiling touch-up paint in one, offering a flat white finish to ceilings.

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Meet Loungy

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What's wrong with Loungy? Come and meet Loungy and his mate in our new commercial airing from Sunday night #WhatsYourNextProject

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We know how important a good first impression is. The presentation of the exterior of your home can add value and help you express your style.

Download the Inspirations Paint - 2015 Project Planner.

To get a paint project done right, you’ll need to do a little bit of planning before the day you intend to start. If you jump in to a paint project without any planning chances are you are going to get yourself in trouble.

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