Meet Loungy

Woodblend Putty

Woodblend has excellent exterior durability, minimal shrinkage and low odour. It is easy to apply and sands to an extremely fine, smooth finish. Woodblend is suitable for use on all timber species and can be coated with water or oil based paints, stains and timber finishes.

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Maverick Interior Brush 38mm

Ideal for painting interior walls with all paint types

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Meet Loungy

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What's wrong with Loungy? Come and meet Loungy and his mate in our new commercial airing from Sunday night #WhatsYourNextProject

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With summer just around the corner, we have no doubt that you’re just itching to spend the hotter months lounging in and around your pool.  But is your swimming pool in need of some DIY TLC before summer arrives? 

Have you ever thought about tackling a DIY wallpaper project but were deterred by the nightmares associated with removing wallpaper down the track? Believe us, it’s easier than you think. 

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