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Dulux Design Chalkboard

Dulux Design Chalkboard is a flat black acrylic that turns surfaces into an instant chalkboard.

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Dulux Design Suede

A flat interior water based paint which is applied from the can to achieve a stylish finish which echoes the look of suede. Easy to apply, Suede Effects can also be used for ragging and sponging.

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Meet Loungy

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What's wrong with Loungy? Come and meet Loungy and his mate in our new commercial airing from Sunday night #WhatsYourNextProject

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I moved into my new home almost a year ago and like most people I wanted to deck it out straight away so I started with the largest space in the home, our formal lounge room. I opted for a clean sophisticated look and chose Dulux Antique White U.S.A. for the walls, laid down coffee coloured floorboards and introduced white furniture throughout.

We love your kitchen paint projects like a labrador loves chops. Here’s some awesome paint projects to give you a little inspiration and show you how awesome kitchen paint projects can be.

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