Mother’s Day Craft Ideas

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Mother’s Day Craft Ideas Articles

Mother’s Day Craft Ideas

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There are so many ways of celebrating Mother's Day. Only a little effort and inspiration is required for turning one’s ideas into reality. Skill is a very important factor in realising your creative thoughts. Although, even if you’re not the most creative person, this should not stop you from making some artistic Mother's Day crafts for your mum. 

We’ve found some creative and interesting ideas to help inspire you to make something different and unique to give to mum this Mother’s Day.

DIY Key Holder

Always losing your keys or can’t remember where you put them? If you have an old photo frame lying around why not use it and turn it into a ready to hang key holder. A great way to keep your keys in check and in frame.

A lick of paint (or sanding back for a more rustic look) and a few screw in hooks will also do the job, offcuts or spare planks for wood allow for the perfect starting point to create a decorative wall hanging, add chalkboard paint to make a note reminder with a few screw in hooks underneath to hang the keys on, you’ll remember where your keys are as well as what to get on the way home.

Paint Dipped Marble Mugs

Who knew warm water and nail polish could create this stunning marble effect, so easy and simple to do at home.

You can also try using painters tape and spray paint to create different shapes and patterns, simply tape, spray and wait to dry, bright colours and metallic paints will look best as contrasting colours.

Upcycle Pallets

Leftover wooden pallets can be found at your local hardware store and can be turned into almost anything. Furniture is a very popular use for these types of pallets as they provide a sturdy structure to work with, just by adding a couple coats of paint these pallets can be turned into outside drinking stations, tables, chairs even garden beds or handing features used to store shoes or gardening equipment.

Drip Paint Pottery

A great project to do with the kids, keep in mind this one can be a bit messy. By turning the pot upside-down and using left over sample pots you can create an amazing drip-like effect. Wait till each layer is dry before applying the next colour to have even coverage or apply straight away for the colours to mix together and create an ombre affect. The options are endless when it comes to colours, you can use as many or as little as you like. Try painting terracotta pots with an undercoat first as this provide a good base to paint one while also creating a great contrast to make the colours you choose stand out more.

DIY Spray Paint Projects

Nothing is as quick and effective as using spray paint to add a pop of colour to ordinary household objects. Old glass bottles, plates, cutlery, even things like pinecones can be spray painted to add colour to any room or to tie in already existing colours in a lounge room or kitchen, a great decorative feature that will sure to be a talking point.

Mums and Grandmas love nothing more than getting handmade gifts no matter what age they are. So if you want to give that extra special gift this year why not give one of these a try, they cost very little to make and will give your Mum or grandma a gift they can treasure.

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