Spray Painted Wheelie Bins

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Spray Painted Wheelie Bins Articles

Spray Painted Wheelie Bins

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Wheelie bins are becoming a popular accessory for kid’s rooms. They’re great for storing lego bricks, fluffy toys and action figures and can be easily packed up and wheeled away when play time is over. If you have those dark green ones that look like they would feel more at home on the side of the road on garbage night, why not give them a little colour and make them feel more a part of your kids’ room?

We decided to do just that. In the time lapse video above, we spray painted some wheelie bins to give them some colour and make them feel more kid-room friendly. Perfect for storing toys.

If you decide to tackle a project like this, here are a few simple steps that we followed in our project above that might help:

Firstly, give the bins a good clean (preferably with a damp rag) to make sure their surface is free from dust and grime, and then wait til they’re dry.

Secondly, apply a primer. We used Zinsser Cover Stain Spray. This will help the paint to stick to the smooth, plastic surface. Wait til dry (minimum 2 hours).

Lastly, apply two coats of spray paint. We used Dulux Duramax. Apply evenly as required. Give each coat a minimum 2 hours drying time.

The colours used in this project are Pink Flamingo, Sky Blue and Fluoro Green.

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