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The Five Causes of Tomorrow Projects

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Sadly, not every paint project that we start gets completed and worse still, some paint projects never actually begin. These projects that you aim to start or finish really soon end up becoming, Tomorrow Projects. Do you have a Tomorrow Project at your place; a new bedroom with bare plasterboard walls, the replacement fence palings without a lick of paint or the ceiling in the laundry that you scraped the loose paint off but never coated? 

As paint project lovers, this is a great tragedy to us. Whilst we can’t prevent disasters such as these from happening, we can at least attempt to minimise how often paint projects get abandoned. We have therefore identified the five reasons why paint projects turn into Tomorrow Projects. We’ve also offered some helpful advice to assist you in overcoming these obstacles.


Time is our most precious of commodity these days and it’s therefore no surprise that a lack of time is the main culprit for our unfinished projects. Plans change, schedules move and paint projects are often shunted to the lowest rung of the priority ladder. We understand that. Kind of. To help get your Tomorrow Project off the ground, download the free Inspirations Paint –Paint Project Planner for 2015 to help you minimise the time you need to spend on your paint project.

Colour Decisions

If your Tomorrow Project is on hold because you got stuck into the planning but then became disoriented at the large array of colour options available, we understand. There are 200 different whites alone for your kitchen walls. We know you want them to have the right undertone so the room isn’t too cool nor to creamy and traditional, we get it. If the perfect colour scheme has caused your paint project to be abandoned before it began, we have the solution to end all of your colour woes. Brush-Out Boards! They are  large, sturdy hand painted boards with the same texture as a painted wall, and the best part is, they are delivered straight to your door so you can test your colour options under various lighting conditions ,against your furniture and flooring.

Out-Of-Sight, Out-Of-Mind

It’s easy to forget that half-finished paint project down the side of the house, up in the attic or in the backyard because it’s not in plain sight. But unfortunately the neighbours have to look at it every day of the week. We know you wouldn’t leave an eye-sore unpainted but if you notice your friend’s place needs a lick of paint, be a true friend. Don’t gossip behind their back about their horrible half-painted travesty; tell them to head into Inspirations Paint. In time, they’ll thank you for it.


Weather is another big reason to put off a painting project and for good reason. A chance of rain is likely to stall just about any outdoor painting project. Even indoor projects can get left behind for the couch, a doona and a DVD when it’s drizzling outside. Extreme heat is also an enemy to your outdoor painting projects, with many people deterred from the thought of spending the day covered in sweat whilst battling the sun. Don’t let the good old sun stop you from tackling your outdoor painting projects, as it’s the best condition for fast drying paint, which means you’ll get your project done faster. All you need to do is follow the shade around your house to avoid the sun, simple! And on warm days, to ensure your paint goes on smoothly, we recommend to wet the surface slightly with first before your first coat.

Home Blindness

Sadly, many members of society suffer from a common condition known as Home Blindness. They simply can no longer see their Tomorrow Project as it has been sitting there unfinished or not begun for so long that they’ve learned to...shock with it. These abhorrent scars upon homes are visually jarring to visitors but remain unseen to their owners. The cure? Set a date for a party at your place for your nearest and dearest, this will sure motivate you to get stuck into your Tomorrow Project. Then pop into your local Inspirations Paint store without delay to so we can help you make it happen.

Tomorrow Projects, start today! It’s time to earn back bragging rights to your own home and fall in love all over again with the results of a good paint project.

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