Upcycled Hallway Table with Chalk Emulsion

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Upcycled Hallway Table with Chalk Emulsion Articles

Upcycled Hallway Table with Chalk Emulsion

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I’m in the process of moving from an old colonial federation style home (weatherboards, wooden floorboards and high ceilings) into a new modern home. Part of the process has been replacing old furniture with new pieces to suit the place.

However, I couldn’t bear to get rid of my hallway stand. It has been in my family for decades and definitely holds some sentimental value. It doesn’t quite suit my new modern home so I decided to upcycle and funk it up. 

After giving it some TLC, my old hallway table has now become a bedroom dresser and will now live in the guest room. Using Porter's Chalk Emulsion and a little elbow grease, I was able to achieve a rustic and distressed look that looks great my new shabby chic, Hamptons classic surroundings.

Quick guide on upclycling my Hallway Table

Step 1: Cleaning:

Lay down Dulux Professional Canvas Drop Sheet. Place the hallway stand onto bricks or use other objects to raise it high so that when it comes to painting the bottom of the legs you go right to the edge. Clean the stand with Selleys Sugar Soap Wipes and remove the handles.

Step 2: Sanding:

Lightly sand back the stand with Dynamic Med Course sanding block. I especially sanded the section where there was an existing metal badge. Wipe down excess dust particles with a damp Little Gem Cleaning cloth. You can use an old clean cloth.

Step 3: Patching up the holes:

The table has always had this bronze badge nailed to the right leg. Removing it left two small nail holes that I needed to fill.  I applied Red Devil Onetime filler with a 63mm paint scraper. Allowed 2hrs min to dry. Then sanded back flat. Wiped off dust particles with a damp cloth.

Step 4: Painting 1st Coat:

Use Porter’s Paint Chalk Emulsion. There is wide variety of colours, I chose Ashen. For detailed areas I used a Maverick 38mm Wall Brush. The thinner brush helps for giving more detail by holding less paint. For flatter areas (tops & legs) I used a RotaCoat Rolana 75mm roller brush. Leave to dry for 2 - 4 hrs.

Step 5: Painting 2nd Coat:

I found that I didn’t like the way the paint dried using the roller brush method. So for this next coat I decided to use the brush all over. Same as before I used Maverick 38mm Wall Brush paint for the detailed areas and a Maverick 65mm Wall Brush for the flatter and bigger areas (tops & legs). Leave to dry for 2 - 4 hrs.

Step 6: Sanding off paint:

Wearing a Rokset Little Gem paper dust mask I sanded the edges, tops and legs to give in a distressed look using sanding blocks (4 in total). Then I wiped off the excess chalk paint with a damp cloth. I struggled with some areas where the paint had dried thick. Next time I’ll use a hand held electric sander for those areas.

Step 7: Protective Coating:

Wearing a paper dust musk I used Dulux Duramax Semi Gloss Clear spray paint. Spray 10 to 25cm away from the surface and allow to dry for 1hr min. Then repeat this process.


finished painted hallway stand chalk emulsion


Sequence 100mm Roller Tray

Rokset Little Gem Cleaning Cloths 10Pk

Dulux Professional Heavy Duty Canvas Drop Sheet

Maverick 38mm and 63mm Wall Brush

5 x Dynamic Sanding Block Medium/Coarse

Red Devil Onetime Spackling Ready Mixed Filler

RotaCoat 63mm Paint Scraper

2 x 500ml Porter’s Original Paints Chalk Emulsion (standard Base). Tinted colour Ashen

Selleys Sugar Soap Wall & Surface Cleaning Wipes

Rokset Little Gem 5 paper Dust Masks

Dulux Duramax Semi Gloss Clear Coat Spray Paint


Project by Chris, NSW

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