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Maintenance query re Dulux powder coat


Hi guys, On the weekend someone graffitied our relatively new fence. The posts were powdercoated with Dulux in monument. I managed to take the black graffiti off with methylated spirits and isopropyl alcohol, but it's dulled the powdercoat. By dulled I mean less shine and looks like a shade or two lighter than the original semigloss monument. Is it possible to restore it back to original state? Can this be achieved by polishing it? What product(s)/process would you recommend? Thanks! NB: No clear coat applied, just semigloss Dulux powdercoat.


Hi John.

Powdercoat does scuff really easy and unfortunately it’s near impossible to get the shine back to its original state.

The only thing you can try (which I believe you alluded to) is to use car polish. Please note: That this needs to be a stand-alone polish not a cut and polish.

As always, the best idea will be to head in to your nearest Inspirations Paint store and talk to our expert staff about some of the finer details of your project. They might want to know further information such as:

  • Did you paint the fence yourself or have it powdercoated by a professional?
  • How much area of the fence has affected?

The most likely outcome here will be that you will need to have the whole fence area painted again that was graffitied, but you won’t know for sure until you head in to store.

Hope this helps,


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