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purple paint project
Amazing Uses of Purple Paint

Apr 06, 2017 by Inspirations Paint Comments

Did you know the colour purple used to be associated with royalty? It’s because at one time only aristocrats could afford the expensive pigment. During Roman times, it took 4 million crushed mollusk shells to create one pound of purple pigment.

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exterior paint project
Stunning Images of Exterior Paint Projects

Apr 06, 2017 by Inspirations Paint Comments

There’s nothing quite like standing back and appreciating a great paint job, especially the exterior of a home. Here’s some stunning images of exterior paint projects that we love to just stand back and look at.

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kitchen paint
Awesome Kitchen Paint Projects

Apr 04, 2017 by Inspirations Paint Comments

We love your kitchen paint projects like a labrador loves chops. Here’s some awesome paint projects to give you a little inspiration and show you how awesome kitchen paint projects can be.

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bedroom paint project
Our Favourite Bedroom Paint Projects

Apr 04, 2017 by Inspirations Paint Comments

Thinking of giving your bedroom a bit of an upgrade? Here’s some of our favourite bedroom paint projects to give you some inspiration.

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Hi Inspirations- I'd love a suggestion to update a Queensland style timber house with a colourbond eucalyptus roof.

artwork and paint
Using Artwork to Inspire Your Paint Colours

May 31, 2016 by Inspirations Paint Comments

If your next paint project has artwork and other pieces of home décor on display, it makes sense to work with the colours of these pieces. Using complementing or contrasting colours will visually impact the final result of your project.

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paint in winter
Painting in Winter

May 18, 2016 by Inspirations Paint Comments

With cold temperatures and rainy weather you may not feel like tackling a painting project but can you actually paint in Winter? Will the paint dry properly? The answer is yes.

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dulux colour trends 2016
Dulux Colour Trends 2016

Oct 27, 2015 by Inspirations Paint Comments

The design age is dawning. We desire the unique, the bespoke, the individual – seeking products that will add a sense of luxury and distinction to our lives. A new industry of customisation is being created by the makers, the designers, the creators – producing handcrafted products that connect with us and focus on the importance of design more than ever before.

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glass jars paint project
Glass Jar Paint Project

Sep 08, 2015 by Inspirations Paint Comments

A fun and simple way to add colour to your home this spring involves just two things; old or unused glass jars or bottles and some left over sample pot paint.

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half painted fence
The Five Causes of Tomorrow Projects

Feb 02, 2015 by Inspirations Paint Comments

Sadly, not every paint project that we start gets completed and worse still, some paint projects never actually begin. These projects that you aim to start or finish really soon end up becoming, Tomorrow Projects. Do you have a Tomorrow Project at your place; a new bedroom with bare plasterboard walls, the replacement fence palings without a lick of paint or the ceiling in the laundry that you scraped the loose paint off but never coated? 

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