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Exterior Walls

Choosing paint for the inside of your home is never easy. But the task really becomes tricky when you want to work on those exterior walls. We need to face facts: exterior wall paint is just more susceptible to damage than its interior counterpart. Be it rain, sun, sleet, or snow, that external paint will get the brunt of them all.

At Inspirations Paint, we understand the issues revolving around façade paint or exterior paint.

Our exterior wall paints can redefine your home

With our extensive range of exterior paint options, Inspirations Paint can help you get the best possible finish on your home, whether you are wanting to transform the entire exterior of your home or just paint the house’s eaves.

When it comes to outdoor paints, Inspirations Paint will tell you to seriously contemplate how the Australian climate ravages all exteriors. Any compromise in quality might make exterior paints flake, fade, and eventually peel off.

The right kind of paint for any average Australian will probably need to resist damages from the sun, rain, mould, and many other things. It is also essential to know the right kind of paint for various building materials that might make up the exterior. These include wooden planks, bricks, masonry, metalwork, plasterboard, and many other additions. For paint on metalwork, certain precautions like priming are necessary.

Finally, it is essential to work out just what colour scheme to use. You want the exterior to pop but not be an eyesore to visitors and passersby. A specific colour might seem like a fun shade but the experts at Inspirations Paint will tell you if the final choice is too loud or too prone to blending in.

Why beautify your home with Inspirations Paint?

You might be able to find paint for exterior walls in quite a few places. But Inspirations Paint is the only one that understands how to choose a certain type. You may want just the right look that suits your forever home or paint over an offending shade that the previous owner may have left behind.

In any case, just a bit of exterior paint from Inspirations Paint can start your home’s transformation right away. Feel free to call us up and get in touch with our trusted staff to talk out colour schemes, textures, and much more.