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Kids & Nursery Projects

It's time for Kids & Nursery Rooms! 

Because your children deserve the best and that also goes for their space. Make their world full of magic and colour - and start with their own room. Right hues can have a positive impact in the early stages of development, especially with properly selected combinations based on contrast. 

Kids are full of life and energy, so it's only right to do this freshness and youthfulness justice! Create a vibrant wonderland, full of colour, fun, and joy. 

Use pastel hues to build a more soothing, relaxing and charming environment for your newborn. Don't be afraid to play around with some texture or patterns to make the room more fun and quirky. Add a splash of colour here and there.

The rules for kids are different, so this is a space for some out-of-the-box thinking and real originality. 

Remember, colours matter! The right palette can set the mood and stimulate creativity. Consider soft pastels for a soothing ambience, or go bold with primary colours for an energetic vibe. 

At Inspirations Paint, we believe that every child’s room deserves a touch of magic. Whether you’re creating a whimsical nursery or a vibrant playroom, our tips and products will help you achieve the perfect look.

Remember, a child’s room isn’t just about looks - it’s a canvas for imagination and growth. Let’s paint dreams!