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  • Previous Paint Test (Metho Test)

Previous Paint Test (Metho Test)

Why Should the Test be Done?

It’s important to know if the existing coating is oil-based or water-based, as this will determine the type of paint system that can be used for repainting. Surfaces to be tested could be ceilings, walls, doors, architraves, skirting or windows and it could even be gutters, fascia, eaves and weatherboards.

Step 1 - Apply Metho to Clean Rag

Apply methylated spirits onto a clean rag so that the rag is moist with methylated spirits.

Step 2 - Rub Rag on Painted Surface

Rub the area of the rag soaked with the methylated spirits onto the painted surface.

Step 3 - Check the Surface and Rag

If the area becomes soft, dissolves slightly, or rubs off onto the rag, then the coating is a water-based paint. If no paint has dissolved or rubbed off onto the rag, then the coating is an oil-based paint.

Repainting Options

Repainting an Exisiting Coating

Please refer to the Repainting Interiors and Repainting Exteriors section for detailed instructions on repainting existing oil-based and acrylic coatings.