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Technical Information for painting specific new and existing surfaces.

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Repair problems and prevent them from re-occurring.
Upcycled Concrete and Timber Bookcase
28 Feb 2022
If you want a simple solution for storage inside or outside your home that’s a bit different to regular furniture items – look no further. We’ve got you covered with this unique besser block and timber bookshelf!
Rust Effect Garden Pot
28 Feb 2022
Create an eye-catching statement piece in your garden by upcycling a pre-loved garden pot with Porter’s Liquid Iron & Instant Rust to create an instantly aged and weather-beaten look. This is a fun project that’s easier than it looks!
Start with a good finish
28 Feb 2022

When it comes to upcycling projects, the sheen level you choose for the finish of your project will be based on the use and condition of the project.

Here’s a handy guide for choosing a finish for your project.

Know your grits
28 Feb 2022
Sanding a project before painting is an important step for any painting project, but especially for upcycling projects. Depending on the condition of the item to be upcycled, there may be flaking paint, chips, scratches or imperfections that need to be sanded out.