2014 Dulux Colour Forecast

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2014 Dulux Colour Forecast Articles

2014 Dulux Colour Forecast

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As the world embraces a renewed focus on openness, sharing & collaboration, either face to face or in the digital realm, we see communities forming. They are drawn together by their love of the same aesthetic and philosophy on life. Common interests in history, design, art and colour define them - these are the Future Tribes…

The Digital Nomads

Colourful destinations such as India, Africa and Morocco inspire the image and imagination of The Digital Nomad.

A global fusion of tribal reflection resulting from clashing cultures and resulting in contrast colours that form digital patterns and eclectic interiors. The Digital Nomad creates a style where traditional boundaries are no longer defined.

These are the colours used in the Digital Nomads palette

Precious Elementals

Deeply aware of the affect civilisation is having on the Earth, the Precious Elementals instinctively respect and value our Earth's natural resources, elements and geometric forms.

They are inspired by its colours and shapes and interpret them to create beautiful compositions within their interiors. Mineral and metal colours modernise pastels and soft greys, while patinas and raw finishes reflect nature’s weathering effects.

These are the colours used in the Precious Elementals palette

The Retro Visionaries

Looking forward the future is bright. However, the Retro Visionaries know this world would not look the same without retrospective design.

Influenced by styles of the late 20th century, when digital culture was first emerging and still being shaped by icons of the 50s, The Retro Visionaries vision is quirky, colourful and energetic.

These are the colours used in the Retro Visionaries palette

The Romantic Spirit

Romanticising periods of history, the Romantic Spirits search for ways to incorporate nostalgia and past items into their technologically-dominated world.

They are attracted to modern design that reveals elements of romance from simple embellishments or trimmings resembling calligraphy strokes, to skillfully turned timber forms with a modern twist. Finishes that capture history such as patinas and worn looks are favoured to contrast against moody colour.

These are the colours used in the Romantic Spirit palette

2014 Colour Trends Media Release
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