50 Cool Paint Project Ideas for your Teen’s Bedroom

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50 Cool Paint Project Ideas for your Teen’s Bedroom Articles

50 Cool Paint Project Ideas for your Teen’s Bedroom

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If you’ve found this article because you were cruising through the internet, legitimately looking for paint project ideas for your teen’s bedroom, I’d like to congratulate you on surviving the first twelve years of parenthood. I wish I could promise you the whole parenting thing gets easier from here. Sadly, I’m afraid to report, it doesn’t. In fact, it only gets worse. There’s going to be acne, emotional outbursts, and a possible gothic phase. But that’s another article.

The good news is, because you’re now on the path to giving their bedroom an upgrade, you are going to have a teen that feels comfortable with in their living environment / headquarters / dungeon. And there are many other reasons to get excited.

As your kids grow a little older and enter into this new chapter of their life know as their ‘Teens’, upgrading the child-friendly (now known as ‘Uncool’) colours of their bedroom can provide a number of benefits.

The benefits of a teen bedroom paint project

Matching the paint colours of your teen’s bedroom to their style can foster creativity. Now that they are a little older, it is definitely worth considering giving them more freedom to express themselves creatively, including giving them more authority over the style of their room. An important factor to remember here is that it’s just paint. You can always paint over it if you ever change your mind.

Working on a paint project together can potentially bring you closer together and enhance your relationship. We would definitely recommend walking your teen through all the various stages of the paint project. From choosing the right colours, patterns and shapes all the way through to choosing what kind of brushes and rollers to use. Making them feel like they are a part of the process will give them some level of ownership of the project.

Changing room colours has the added bonus of giving you that sense of a fresh start. Take the opportunity of painting your teen's room to clean and de-clutter it at the same time. The new colour scheme plus the de-cluttering will enhance the makeover even further.

50 teen bedroom paint project ideas

Ok, we don’t want to leave you completely in the dark so to help you out, here’s 50 cool paint project ideas that we found on Pinterest to give you some inspiration. Your teen will be sure to love these as much as Justin Bieber and Snapchat combined.

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