A Feature Wall That Stands Out

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A Feature Wall That Stands Out Articles

A Feature Wall That Stands Out

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I moved into my new home almost a year ago and like most people I wanted to deck it out straight away so I started with the largest space in the home, our formal lounge room. I opted for a clean sophisticated look and chose Dulux Antique White U.S.A. for the walls, laid down coffee coloured floorboards and introduced white furniture throughout.

Months had gone by and I just wasn't loving the feel I had created. It was looking like a display home rather than a family home; too clinical and lacking warmth. So I decided to bring my lounge room to life by introducing a coloured feature wall.

I started looking for colours online and the options were endless. I also read that I had to take into consideration how colour reflects and changes in light and shadow and it all became so overwhelming, I didn’t realise choosing a colour would be so hard. That's when I knew I had to seek help from the experts.

I went to my local Inspirations Paint store and had a chat to Kath the colour consultant who was very helpful in showing me the latest trends and even came to my home to get an idea of the lighting and décor currently in the space.

Using Brush-Out Boards in various colours, Kath gave me a few ideas that would work, she also gave me some tips on how to style the room by refreshing my accessories so they would complement my new scheme; she made finding the right colour enjoyable and so easy. The colour I chose was Dulux Capital Blue and with the Brush-Out Board and Kath’s tips, off I went to the shops to pick out some new accessories.

While choosing some key décor pieces to go with the new colour scheme, we enlisted the help of Inspirations Paint’s trusted painter Barry, to assist in transforming the bland white wall into a bold statement feature wall.

Firstly, Barry made sure all the beautiful timber flooring and white furniture was properly protected with the help of a few heavy duty drop sheets. Then using painters tape, carefully taped around the edges of the wall. Being that the wall was previously painted and still in good condition no undercoat was needed to prepare the wall. So with a quick stir of the tin of Dulux Wash & Wear he was ready to cut in and start rolling. Barry recommended applying three coats of the Capital Blue to achieve maximum colour density and to avoid any streaky finishes which became more obvious when factoring in the amount of natural light the room is subject to, the third coat also helps with the overall coverage and to achieve a nice even finish.

After the third coat was finished the result was better than we hoped for, a striking feature wall to break up the white and introduce life to the lounge room.

Check out the amazing Before & After pics below.


feature wall before shot


Project Name

Feature Wall Transformation

I want to thank Kath and Inspirations Paint for their great customer service, attention to detail and expert advice. I highly recommend them for your next paint project.

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