Choosing the Right Grey

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Choosing the Right Grey Articles

Choosing the Right Grey

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Choosing the right colour for your house or room is probably the most exciting stage of completing a paint project. Grey is the second most popular colour choice amongst Aussies completing a DIY project, but can be a tricky colour to work with. Choosing the right shade of grey is important to make sure it pairs well with existing flooring and furnishings, so check out the below tips for ideas on choosing your right grey. The team at your local Inspirations Paint are always on hand ready to provide expert colour advice for choosing the right grey for your next project.

Cool Greys

Cool greys are a great choice when you want to make a room seem large and more spacious. The choice of a cool grey tone adds character to a room while creating a clean, crisp feel.  The blue undertone of a cool grey pairs well with navy, teal and turquoise to create a modern and stylish room.

Popular cool greys: Dulux Grey Pail, Dulux Water Worn or Dulux Miller Mood.

Warm Greys

Warm greys are a beautiful soft and serene choice. The yellow undertones of a warm grey create a warm, cosy and inviting vibe to a room. A warm grey adds warmth and light to a room that contains minimal natural light, and works well with a subtle neutral palette.

Popular warm greys: Dulux Hildegard, Dulux Silkwort, Dulux Silver Tea Set

Deep / Dark Greys

Deep, dark greys like charcoals are the perfect choice for creating a dramatic statement in a room. A popular choice for a feature wall, a dark grey tone creates a sophisticated feel to a room. Pairing well with bright colours, the dark tone of the grey helps the bright and bold colour pop that little bit more!

Popular deep greys: Dulux Ticking, Dulux Wayward Grey, Dulux Maximus

Light / Soft Greys

Lighter and softer greys are becoming an increasingly popular choice as the staple colour throughout a home. Offering an alternative to whites, soft silvery hues create a subtle and calming feel to a room. Lighter greys pair well with pastel colours to create a fresh, light vibe.

Popular soft greys: Dulux Highgate, Dulux Paramount Design, Dulux Sky Painting

How to choose the right grey 

If you’re a little stuck about how to choose the right grey, Inspirations Paint are on hand at helping you select the right grey for your next project!

 - Browse our colour wall for inspiration in choosing your grey

 - Check out our grey projects in our project gallery to see how your grey looks in a room

 - Chat to our in store colour experts at your local Inspirations Paint who will be able to assist you in choosing the right grey to match your existing flooring and furnishing.

 - Undecided on a few shades of grey? Brush-out boards are a great tool to comapre different greys. Stick the brush-out boards to your wall to test the colours against your floor, existing furniture, and how they look in natural and artificial light.

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