Choosing colour for your next project? We’ve got your Black

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Choosing colour for your next project? We’ve got your Black Articles

Choosing colour for your next project? We’ve got your Black

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Whether you’re painting the living room, bedroom or kitchen, choosing the right colours for your project is made easy with our online colour wall.

With the help of our online colour wall, you can explore thousands of colour schemes and combinations without lifting a finger or brush.

You can search for colours by selecting the individual colour hues from the colour wheel. The different segments on the wheel correspond to the colour groups listed alongside the wheel and are broken into nine different colour hues; Greens, Blues, Purples, Reds, Browns, Oranges, Yellows, Greys and Whites & Neutrals.

You can also search for specially colours including Metallic, Pearl, Stone and Suede finishes. You can even search for colours by Paint Brands (Dulux or Berger) and view the top 20 colours purchased in our stores.

The Effect of Colour

Different colours affect our moods in different ways, so before you decide to paint your bedroom feature wall in your favourite shade of bright green consider what colours generate different emotions.

Warm and Cozy Colours

Warm and cozy colours, convey a message of togetherness and strength:

Red - represents energy, power and passion. It’s also been found to stimulate appetite so it’s a common choice for dining rooms.

Orange - creates warmth and a sense of joy, and is often used as an accent colour.

Yellow - has different effects depending on how much is used. Generally, yellow is a happy and uplifting colour but when it’s overused it can become distracting and overwhelming.

Cool and Soothing Colours

Cool and soothing colours, provide a sense of calm and feelings of trust:

Green - conveys a sense of renewal and growth, and blends easily with any room.

Blue - is generally a peaceful colour. Light blue can make a room appear bright and refreshing, while a deep blue creates a sense of pride & dignity.

Violet -  combines the calm of blue and the energy of red. Violet is often used in bedrooms to communicate an air of serenity & tranquillity.

Pastel Colours

Pastel colours are the result of adding a large amount of white to colours. They create a comfortable, open airy feeling in any room.

Neutral Colours

Neutral colours include shades of white, beige, taupe, gray and black. Neutral colours are the easiest colours to use for one obvious reason, they blend with most settings and furniture. Neutral colours can also be stylish and dramatic. For example, black and white are neutral colours that create a wonderful monochrome palette for additional colours.

Selecting Colour

When choosing colour try to branch out and consider similar shades in all directions. Keep in mind any furniture or artwork that's already in the room.

Gather together all the colour samples you like and narrow it down to three or four hues for your specific project.

REMEMBER: COLOURS WILL LOOK DIFFERENT ONLINE TO WHEN YOU PAINT THEM IN YOUR HOME. THIS IS WHY WE RECOMMEND USING BRUSH-OUT BOARDS. Brush-Out Boards are a great way to help choose colour in your home and are a great alternative to sample pots, also less messy.

Once your Brush-Out Boards are delivered you can stick them up around house or in the specific area you’re painting and look at them during different times of day and in different lighting, move them around the room, high, low, in corners and near windows and leave them for a week or so until you’re happy.  If you don’t think you’ve found the right colours for your project seek out colour cues in items you already own around the house, a favourite piece of art or furniture. Pull colours and colour combinations from what you know and love, it could be a pillow, a piece of fabric even a favourite pair of shoes.

If that doesn’t help you can always visit your nearest Inspirations Paint store to discuss your options, or for complete colour confidence, you can have an Inspirations Paint Colour Consultant visit you in your home.

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