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A high performance, water based oil delivering an exceptionally durable, long lasting finish that enhances the characteristics of the timber grain and weathers naturally, without risk of cracking, blistering and peeling.

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Deck in a Day

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Is your deck looking a little worse for wear? Losing colour and looking grey and weathered? It could be time to deck out your deck.

Tackling your deck project is actually really easy; with the right planning and preparation, you should be able to get your deck project done in a day. To help you, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Intergrain and mapped out a bit of a timeline of how your Deck-In-A-Day project should go.

Prior to starting your Deck-In-A-Day project, make sure you've checked the weather to see if there is any rain forecasted. If there is rain coming your way, hold off completing your project until the rain has cleared and you're in for a few dry days.

7:00am – Remove Furniture

If your deck is cluttered with stuff, the first step will be to clear any obstructions out of the way. Place the BBQ and any other appliances in a safe place. This could take some time, but will save you a lot of hassle in the long run. With elevated decks, do not store items underneath as the oil can drip through.

7:45am – Hose Down Deck

After you've hosed the deck down, use Intergrain Reviva to thoroughly clean deck before coating – Intergrain Reviva will take away the greyness, even out colour, remove any greasy contaminants and kill mould. Hose down deck again to wash off the Reviva. Make sure the flow off doesn’t reach your favourite flowers because this will kill them. Try using a tarp or drop sheet to cover.

cleaning deck before coating

8:15am – Leave to dry thoroughly and break for breakfast

PRO-TIP: Cover a small area of your deck with gladwrap. Hold down with heavy item on either end. Leave it for 20 minutes. If no moisture forms under the gladwrap in this time, you are ready to apply your first coat of Intergrain UltraDeck.

9.00am – Apply first coat of Intergrain UltraDeck

Ultradeck is a high performance, water based oil delivering an exceptionally durable, long lasting finish that will enhance the characteristics of the timber grain and weather naturally, without risk of cracking, blistering and peeling.

Plan out where you are going to start and finish applying the first coat, so you don’t end up boxing yourself into a corner. Use a lambskin applicator attached to an extension pole to apply the decking oil to the timber in long even strokes. This will ensure you get the best coverage in an even manner, plus you'll save your knees and back from you using a brush or roller!

LEAVE TO DRY FOR 4 HOURS and enjoy a looong lunch – Minimum recoat time advised by Intergrain. This should give you time to check the cricket scores and go for a swim.

1.30pm – Apply second coat of Intergrain UltraDeck

LEAVE TO DRY FOR 4 HOURS - Minimum recoat time advised by Intergrain.

Once dry – feel free to walk on your deck!

5:00pm – Your deck is done! Pop the cork on some sparkling or crack a beer to celebrate finishing your deck in a day project!

finished deck project australia

If you feel a third coat is needed for that extra lasting protection, get it on at around 5pm and it should be ready for light foot traffic the next day.

So there you have it. There’s no need to put off your deck project any longer. Get your deck done in a day this Summer. By the way, if you have more than your deck to do, here’s a few extra tips on doing an outdoor paint project in summer.

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst Deck-In-A-Day will be completed within a 24 hour time frame, it will take about 7 days for the wood to properly cure, so please show caution in placing furniture back on the deck. Timings may vary depending on the size of your deck, whether it’s undercover or not and how hot, cold, humid or windy the weather is. Aim to tackle your deck in a day project on a clear day with no rain.

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Australian weather is harsh on timber. If it’s not protected, UV from the sun makes timber go grey and causes it to split and crack. Maintaining timber with a decking oil protects the timber and makes it look fantastic, protecting the investment of your deck and adding value to your house. The first step in coating your deck is to prepare your timber.

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