DIY Painted Bookshelves

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DIY Painted Bookshelves Articles

DIY Painted Bookshelves

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Back to work and back to business. It’s a busy time of year so what better way to get organised by adding some colour and coordination to your study area with a couple of bookcases. 

With this DIY painted bookshelves project we decided to use bare, untreated timber purchased from the local timber shop (One Stop Pine). By doing this we cut down the preparation time by not having to worry about sanding back any previous coatings etc.

To begin a project like this, start by laying down a drop cloth and prop the bookshelves up with tiles, bricks or planks of wood (whatever is laying round the house will do), for best penetration & durability we recommend undercoating the timber using an oil based primer, we used Berger Triple Prep Oil Based.

Once the undercoat is dry (approx. 2hrs) tape around the edge of the bookcase where you don’t wish the inside colour you’re painting to be shown. On the outside of the bookshelf, we used Dulux Professional Tape. Using a 38mm brush, cut in the corners of each of the bookshelf squares making sure to get in all the corner joins and edges. With a mini roller apply the paint to the remaining areas of the square rolling across the back square first, then in an outward motion the remaining square panels, allowing 2hrs dry time between each coat.

Once the second coat is dry, feel free to remove the tape slowly, now depending on how confident you are with your painting skills, using a sample pot brush you can start applying the paint to the edge of the bookshelf. If you don’t have a steady hand you can apply the tape to the inside of each shelf before starting the outside to avoid any mistakes.

Once the edge of the bookshelf is painted you can then use a mini roller to apply the paint to the remaining sides, remembering to allow 2hrs dry time between each coat.

Hint/tip: Using contrasting colours will help make the inside of the bookshelf really stand out. Try keeping the outside a neutral colour and go crazy with the inside colour. We used Maverick accessories to complete the project and the colours we used were Berger White Collar & Berger Fresh.

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