DIY vs Using a Painter

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DIY vs Using a Painter Articles

DIY vs Using a Painter

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The debate as to whether to ‘Do-it-Yourself’ (DIY) or have a painter ‘Do-It-For-Me’ (DIFM) is a contentious one. Some staunch DIYers would rather take a bath in water-based enamel before paying someone to paint for them, while DIFMers stand by the benefits of leaving it to the professionals and welcome the trade painters in.

Over recent years the proportion of paint sold to DIYers in Australia has fallen from 55% to 45%, signalling a move towards consumers handing over the paint brush to a trade painter, rather than taking on the job themselves.

Karen Campbell of Newcastle, NSW, was a DIYer but she recently used a trade painter for the first time, to paint the interior of her four-bedroom home. “Using a trade painter just took the hassle out of it for us. He was flexible and happy to work around us. And the big thing was there was less mess,” Karen says.

While some people prefer DIY because of cost-savings and the satisfaction of having done the job with their own two hands, many people are time-poor due to work and family responsibilities and cannot see how they can DIY without some lifestyle sacrifices. This was a big consideration for Karen. “Using a trade painter enabled us to preserve our leisure time that we need, without spending it all on the house.

Karen says that she wouldn’t hesitate using a trade painter again, even though she has painted previous homes herself. “When I did it myself, there was a lot of messing around with masking tape and then I left it on too long and took some of the paint off. I couldn’t get over it that our trade painter would just come in and paint a perfectly straight line without tape or anything.”

For Karen’s family situation, using a trade painter also made financial sense. “I worked out that it was far more economical because it would have taken us about a year to do it ourselves and we were better off using that time to work at our own jobs and enjoy our leisure time. The trade painter could do it far more efficiently anyway.”

Andrew Usher, store owner of Inspirations Paint Nerang, Qld, agrees. “With a trade painter the big benefit is time-saving. It will take them less time to do the job plus they do all the running around for you, sourcing the paint. Often when you paint you need to go back to the paint store several times but a trade painter takes care of all that.”
A trade painter will also already have all the paint brushes, ladders, rollers, drop clothes and other accessories that may be needed on the job.

Andrew points out another consideration when choosing to DIY or hiring a trade painter. “The right tradeperson will give you an excellent quality of finish. A painter will do a job that is much more detailed and the end result will be a much smarter paint job.” He adds, “It really comes down to experience. A DIYer will usually take more time to do the job but they can’t get the same quality of finish because they just don’t have that experience.”

While deciding to use a trade painter is the first step, home-owners often balk at the process of trying to find a painter that will do a good job and whom they can trust. Andrew says customers can drop into any Inspirations Paint store and the paint specialists there can help find the right trade painter for them. “We can arrange for two or three trade painters who we know, and who we know will do a good job, to come by and give the customer a quote.”

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