DIY Wire Hanging Board

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DIY Wire Hanging Board Articles

DIY Wire Hanging Board

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Get organised quick! With this quick and easy DIY wire hanging board project.

Not your average cork board we decided to create the same affect by purchasing a wire mesh panel from the local hardware store and adding a lick of paint.

Start by laying down a drop cloth and prop up the wire mesh against something stable that will allow you to spray as much of the wire as possible with as many angles as possible so that you don’t have to keep without moving it around into different positions.

Apply a light even coat of the primer allowing 10mins dry time before turning to the other side to repeat the process, we used Dulux Metalshield Etch Primer which etches the surface for superior adhesion and outstanding metal protection.

Once the undercoat is dry (approx. 1hr) apply the topcoat using nice, even continual strokes, staying consistent with the grid lines, because we have a dark wall as the back-drop we decided to use a contrasting colour and went with Dulux Duramax in Vivid White Flat.

Allow to dry for 20mins before applying the second coat, remembering to turn the grid around so that each side gets an even coat. We recommend waiting 24hrs before you start “pinning” things to the wire. Brackets, hooks or simple nails will keep the wire hanging nicely

Hint/tip: If your wall is a light colour try using contrasting colours like black to spray the grid which will help it really stand out and give a modern industrial twist.

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