Dulux Colour Trends 2017

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Dulux Colour Trends 2017 Articles

Dulux Colour Trends 2017

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Look to the future and embrace colour as an ANTIDOTE to the pressures of modern life. Offering a cure through colour, the Dulux Colour Trends for 2017 are the perfect prescription for the mundane.


A tactile remedy

We live in a society with the ever-present glow of screens. Rapid tapping and swift swipes across digital devices have replaced the tactile moments we once took for granted. By embracing this new digital age, texture has become a remedy for our senses. 

The Sentience palette takes its cues from textures and the natural effects created by earth’s materials such as clay, minerals, stone and wood. Comprising subtle pastels and soft naturals, new beiges with hints of grey pair easily with mellow hues, while textures created with Dulux Suede Effect add another tactile dimension.


A graphic view

As we move through inspirations from the Memphis to Bauhaus movements and beyond, references emerge of a style that is distinctly modern yet very familiar with subtle retro influences. Chroma is filled with bold schemes that create an accessible and contemporary look to stimulate and excite. 

From shapely furniture and melting objects inspired by Salvador Dali to block colour and line work to create illusions, this theme evolves beyond mid-century postmodern style into a vivid chromatic haven. Black and white is an important combination while greyed off tertiary hues are paired with saturated colours including peach, melon, teal and blue to create intriguing combinations and graphic elements.


A colourful weave

From diversity to equality, as humans we need to embrace a global view that extends beyond our backyard. With inspiration stemming from a connection with other cultures, this interior style is eclectic with modern pieces featuring weave and rich colours inspired by landscapes from South America to the Middle East.

Entwining modernity with tradition, the palette combines an eclectic range of colours with richness and warmth as well as unexpected accents. Bold traditional colours such as red, burgundy, brown and orange are thrown together with the zest of bright yellow and blue. 


A lux foundation

Genuine, raw and beautiful; our lives shouldn’t be homogenous. A renewed interest in Brutalism married with the geometric shapes of the Bauhaus period sees Construct form a perfect union for pared back beauty with a focus on raw materials, structure and form.  Embrace the warmth of tarnished metals combined with a neutral and cool palette to create the illusion of depth and accentuate interior details. 

Construct pairs subtle greys and neutrals with exquisite textures. Combinations of dark greys are highlighted with Copper and Concrete Effects while a range of inky blues add interest to a monochromatic scheme.

Source: Dulux Australia

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