How to Patch a Hole!

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Saves Time – Stick Over Hole then Fill. Check out this How-To Video.

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How to Patch a Hole!

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Looking for an easy way to fix that hole in the wall without buying furniture or hanging a picture to cover it up?

Look no further! The above video demonstrates just how quick and easy it can be to patch a hole in the wall, and also provides a great opportunity for you to update the look of your wall by applying a fresh new coat or change the colour completely. For this particular project we used an easy self -adhesive patch which can be applied on both ceilings and walls.

To make sure you get this project done right the first time, here is a little bit of a step by step guide.

DISCLAIMER: We recommend that you talk to our team of experts at your local Inspirations Paint store before attempting a DIY project.

Step One – Clean around the surface area

Trim away any loose hanging bits of wall, then using a sanding block smooth over and around the hole to remove any of the rough surface.

Step Two – Apply the gauze

Using Sequence Ceiling and Wall Repair Patches, apply the square gauze directly over the hole allowing 2cm to overlap, make sure to press down firmly so that the gauze is securely stuck to the wall.

Step Three – Apply the filler

Using a scrapper, apply the filler making sure to cover the entire square so that no gauze is showing. Keep in mind a thin layer is all that is needed to achieve a smooth finish. Allow filler to dry for 2 hours.

Step Four – Sand back & clean

After the filler has dried, lightly sand any rough areas so that the surface is smooth to touch. Wipe down with a sponge using Sugar Soap to remove the dry, sanded particles.

Step Five – Sealer Time

Using a small brush or roller, apply one coat of the sealer, making sure to cover the filler patch. Allow sealer to dry for 1 hour.

Step Six - Apply the topcoat

Once the sealer has dried you're ready to apply the topcoat. With this particular project we've taken the opportunity to update the wall colour and change the look completely. Allow to dry for 2 - 4 hours depending on the area and see if you require a second coat.

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