How To Repair Water Damage In Your Living Room

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How To Repair Water Damage In Your Living Room Articles

How To Repair Water Damage In Your Living Room

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In winter time, there’s nothing more comforting than unwinding after a hard day’s work, sipping a glass of wine and cosying up next to a piping hot fireplace. We love the fireplace in our living room. It gives the whole room a sense of warmth and comfort even when there’s no fire going.

But, our weathered and cracked chimney has allowed heavy rain during the colder months to seep through the walls. Over time, moisture from the water has caused the paint on the wall to bubble, peel and flake. Water damage  turned our cosy little living room into an unloved and tired space .

We were left with no other choice so went into our nearest Inspirations Paint store and chatted with the experts about our water damage repair project. After much deliberation, we decided to get a trade painter to complete the project. My husband and I work full time and didn’t have the time to tackle this project before more wet weather came.

We wanted to document the process and share the steps in getting the job done because we thought we aren’t the only people who need to repair water damage on their walls. So, if you feel like getting your hands dirty and tackling a project like this yourself, here’s the steps you should be taking.

Steps To Repairing Water Damage

Clean The Area

Before you start a project like this, give the water damaged area a good clean. This is the textbook first step in any paint project, including repairing water damage on walls. We recommend using something like a Selleys Sugar Soap with a damp cloth and then allowing time for the area to dry.

Clear And Scrape Any Flaking In The Area

Remove all bubbling, peeling and flaking paint with a scraper to smooth out the surface.

Cover Water Damaged Area With A Peel-Stop / Sealer Binder

For this, we used Zinsser’s Water Based Peel-Stop. What this does is act like a glue which permeates into porous surface, preventing water from seeping back through. Essentially, it makes the area solid again and protects the surface from future water damage. After you have applied the Peel-Stop, allow for an hour of drying time.

Apply Filler

Once your surface is solid and dry, apply a filler to make the surface smooth and ready for painting. Typically, you should give this step at least a full day of drying time. We kind of cheated in the video above by using a hair dryer to speed up the process, but best practice here is one-day drying time.

For this process, we used Selleys Polyfiller. It’s quick drying which is perfect for cold weather.

Sand Surface

Once your filler is dry, sand the surface until it’s smooth and ready to be painted on.

Apply Water-based Primer / Sealer

This step will make the surface of the wall perfectly prepped for applying paint. A Water-based Primer / Sealer is typically used for gyprock surfaces. Water-based Primer / Sealer’s are the preferred application for interior surfaces also. In the video above, we used Berger Triple Prep which has been designed for ceilings, walls and timber which allowed us to use it on the walls and the architraves.

Apply Paint

Now that your surface is clean, protected from future water damage and primed, you are ready to paint and give some much needed colour to your wall. In the above video, we used Berger Everlast on the walls with Dulux Snow Season Quarter for colour. On the architraves, we used Berger Water-based Enamel in Gloss and left this untinted white.  

The result speaks for itself. In the video above you can see the before and after shots which really tell the whole story. Our ugly, water damaged living room is now a fresh, comfortable living space.

Give Your Fireplace Some Love

To put a nice little finishing touch on our newly refreshed living room, we painted our fireplace with a Dulux Weathershield in the colour Vivid White to give the space a more open and rustic feel. According to our trade painter, although Dulux Weathershield is an exterior paint, is bonds really well with brick making it the best option for our fireplace.

Project Name

Grey Scandi Living Room

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