It’s Going to be All White:  Take the guesswork out of choosing the right white for your home

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It’s Going to be All White:  Take the guesswork out of choosing the right white for your home Articles

It’s Going to be All White:  Take the guesswork out of choosing the right white for your home

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So you want to paint your home white, great choice! White colour schemes will always be classic and if you’re planning on painting your entire house they are a great choice, as you will be far less likely to grow tired of them. 

With a seemingly endless amount of whites to choose from, the hardest part is choosing the right white for your home. To help take some of the guess work out of the equation, we have put together expert design advice for helping narrow down your selection and tips for choosing your final paint colour.

Which White is Right?

What works for one home may not work for another, so copying a friend’s scheme or even one from a magazine or Pinterest can leave you disappointed as there are many factors that contribute to choosing ‘the right white’.

According to Inspirations Paint Colour Consultant and Interior Designer, Alex Ace “when selecting a white or neutral wall colour, you need to take into account your flooring type, your furniture, the style you want to create, as well as both the natural and artificial lighting you have throughout your home. Once all these factors have been taken into consideration and weighed up, you can then decide which white to choose”.

Project Name

Bright Neutral Sun Room

Importance of Lighting:

Alex says “it’s important not to underestimate the impact of both natural sunlight and artificial lighting in a room; the appearance of the same colour throughout the whole house can change dramatically from room to room just because the room faces a different orientation or one room has a cool light bulb, whilst another may have a warm light bulb”.

This might mean selecting a different colour for your living areas to your bedrooms depending on where they are located in the home or changing your light globes to create the look you want.

Warm vs Cool Whites

Broadly speaking, there are two types of whites; warm and cool and these work most importantly with the lighting in your room. 

Alex says “warm whites normally have either a yellow, brown or red undertone and work well in rooms that have a Cool southern light as they impart a warmth and softness into a cooler room to create a cosy atmosphere”. Try Dulux Antique White U.S.A., Dulux Natural White and Berger Paper Stock

Project Name

Warm Neutral Bedroom

Alex's favourite white right now is Dulux Natural White, Alex says "it suits an extensive range of architectural styles from traditional through to contemporary and although it is technically a warm white, it’s adaptable to many colour palettes; even the modern cooler greys which are popular at the moment”.

Cool whites work well to tone down the warmth in rooms with northern light. According to Alex “the black or blue tint in these cool whites helps to neutralise that bright Australian northern light”. Try Dulux Lexicon Half, Dulux White on White and Berger Rhythm and Soul.

Project Name

White Painted Hallway

Selecting your Final Paint Colour

Before you commit to one colour, Inspirations Paint In-store expert Kath Haynes, suggests collecting a number of paint chips in hues that work for your lighting and décor. Once the colour options have been narrowed, the best tool to use is large hand painted colour samples called Brush-Out Boards to assist with final colour selection. 

Kath says “Brush-Out Boards are great because they allow you to move the colour sample around your home to position the paint colour under different lighting conditions and get a feel for the best shade before committing to painting the whole room”.

Remember, if you need extra help you can always visit your local Inspirations Paint store to discuss your options or book an Inspirations Paint Colour Consultant to come to your home.

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White seems like the easiest, safest and most straight-forward way to go when choosing paint colours. For that reason many home-owners start their painting project by saying they are going to paint their house simply ‘off-white’, only to find themselves bamboozled by the seemingly endless spectrum of white paint on offer.

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