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Intergrain Reviva is a high strength cleaner that restores grey, rust or tannin stained, mould or mildew affected timber to a clean appearance suitable for coating. 

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Power Prep

A powerful, high strength liquid remover. Use to remove old or weathered existing timber finishes and prepare timber for coating. it can also used as a high strength cleaner. On new timber, it removes dirt, tannins, natural oils and other contaminants from the timber surface, preparing timber for coating.

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Outdoor Furniture Project

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Have you left some great pieces of wood furniture outside over the winter? Are they looking a little worse for wear? With a few easy steps you can restore your outdoor furniture just in time for the spring / BBQ season.

To show you just how easy it can be, our very own Barry from Warners Bay made this quick step-by-step video of his own outdoor furniture project. Here’s some insight into the steps he took.


All good projects begin with a cleaning. Make sure you start on the right foot by dusting off and scraping back any unwanted materials from your project.

Applying Intergrain Power Prep

Scrubbing on some Intergrain Power Prep will help remove failing timber finishes to reveal the original timber underneath. It's advisable to wash down the project with water after this step.

Applying Intergrain Reviva

Cleaning your project with Intergrain Reviva will neutralise the chemical effects of the Intergrain Power Prep and restore the original colour of the timber. It's advisable to wash down the project with water after this step.

Applying Intergrain Natural Stain

Applying Intergrain Natural Stain will protect your newly refurbished outdoor wooden furniture project against sun damage, will prevent deterioration and adds life and colour to aged or new timber.

As always, we recommend speaking to our expert staff before tackling any form of project. You can find your nearest Inspirations Paint store here.

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Australian weather is harsh on timber. If it’s not protected, UV from the sun makes timber go grey and causes it to split and crack. Maintaining timber with a decking oil protects the timber and makes it look fantastic, protecting the investment of your deck and adding value to your house. The first step in coating your deck is to prepare your timber.

Most woods used in outdoor furniture naturally withstand decay, but their lifespan can be greatly extended and their colour better preserved by some ongoing care. A combination of dirt, dust, pollen and pollution will fill exposed cells in the wood, which turns it a dull grey. This weathering process is accelerated by direct sunlight and salt and so a little regular maintenance will go a long way to protecting your outdoor timber furniture.

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