Porters Paint’s How To Series

Maverick Disposable Tray Liner 3PK 230MM

The Maverick Disposable Tray Liners are designed with increased plastic weight making them noticably sturdier than other tray liners unsuring the product is of excellent quality. 

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Maverick Sash Cutter 75mm

Perfect for cutting in walls and trims with all paint types

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Porters Paint’s How To Series Articles

Porters Paint’s How To Series

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In the early 1900's, Fred Porter had an artistic vision that would be realised in some of Australia’s most iconic buildings. His passion for the traditional paint finishes and building techniques of a Europe long-forgotten, were secreted away in a series of diaries discovered, years after his passing.

Today, Porter's Paints continues to make and check each and every batch of paint itself, thereby guaranteeing superior finish, depth and accuracy of colour. Their dedication to helping Australian’s tackle painting projects is what makes Inspirations Paint a proud distributor of their products.

Check out some of these great, helpful instructional HOW TO videos from Porters to get you started on your next painting project.

HOW TO series

Liquid Bronze

Crackle Medium

Wood Wash

Milk Paint

Liquid Tin

Liquid Zinc

Liquid Iron & Instant Rust

Liquid Copper & Patina Green

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