Refreshing your deck in time for the summer sun

Power Prep

A powerful, high strength liquid remover. Use to remove old or weathered existing timber finishes and prepare timber for coating. it can also used as a high strength cleaner. On new timber, it removes dirt, tannins, natural oils and other contaminants from the timber surface, preparing timber for coating.

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Intergrain Reviva is a high strength cleaner that restores grey, rust or tannin stained, mould or mildew affected timber to a clean appearance suitable for coating. 

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Refreshing your deck in time for the summer sun Articles

Refreshing your deck in time for the summer sun

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It had been about two years since we last gave our front deck some love. The timber was losing colour and was starting to crack under the heat of the summer sun. So we called our painter mate Barry to come over and give the deck a refresh. Even though the video above makes this project look like it happened almost instantly, doing this actually took two days in total (not including half a day of planning and heading down to Inspirations Paint to grab the right products for the job).

Here’s a few tips on how to give your deck a complete refresh in just two days

Firstly. Check your local weather guide and keep your eyes on the skies. Two back-to-back days of sunshine are ideal for a project like this. It means that the deck will have no troubles drying. Especially if it isn’t under full cover.


In the above video we dedicated the first day to cleaning and preparing the deck. This meant completely getting rid of dirt, residue and oils and what not out of the timber. To do this we first used a broom to sweep the deck, brush on one coat of PowerPrep (don’t let this dry) and hose that off after 2 or 3 minutes, then brush on one coat of Integrain Reviva and hose that off after 5 to 6 minutes. And then let the area dry.

All of this only took a few hours. The rest of the day was dedicated to letting the deck properly dry. If any moisture was left in the timber before we stained it, the finish would bubble and peel.


Once the deck was properly dry, Barry applied two coats of Integrain Ultradeck (we used a Natural Stain), allowing one hour dry time between the first and second coat. For this step he used the new Integrain Deck Brush and mentioned that he found it easier to use than the traditional decking applicator.

After the project was finished, we left this to dry completely for another full day before walking over. We also allowed an extra day on top of that before adding the furniture back on to the deck. If getting furniture back on there sooner is a priority, we would recommend using something like rubber placeholders underneath them to prevent any damage to the project.

Namely, before you tackle any type of decking project over the summer, make sure you head to Inspirations Paint to chat to our team of experts about the finer details of your project first. This way you will get it done right the first time. You can find your nearest Inspirations Paint store here.

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Australian weather is harsh on timber. If it’s not protected, UV from the sun makes timber go grey and causes it to split and crack. Maintaining timber with a decking oil protects the timber and makes it look fantastic, protecting the investment of your deck and adding value to your house. The first step in coating your deck is to prepare your timber.

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