The best things in life are free: Sunshine, kisses and tips on making over your bedroom. Articles

The best things in life are free: Sunshine, kisses and tips on making over your bedroom.

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Bedrooms are overwhelmingly the most painted room in the home, with over five million bedrooms and nurseries painted in Australia every year*. Whether you’re painting a kids room, teen retreat or your own sanctuary, Inspirations Paint have put together some tips to help with your next bedroom project.

Colour Inspiration:

If you’re looking for a fresh and airy feel, you can’t go wrong with neutrals, whites and light greys. If you want to add a pop of colour to that neutral base, popular at the moment are muted colours like dusty pinks and deep blue-greys. Try Berger PrairieNight Flight or Blue Dimension.

You can introduce colour with a combination of painted furniture and soft furnishings, or you can create a more cosy space by going bold and using a darker shade on the walls.

The sophisticated palette of muted tones also allows you to make the same scheme work for varying ages; just by adding age appropriate accessories and artwork. Remember that bedrooms are a place you can add personality and have a bit of fun too, so select a colour that you (or your little one) love and go for a muted tone in that colour to make it on trend.

Feature Inspiration:

Just by using a good quality masking tape you can create a feature by sectioning areas and then using a variety of colours, either in the same hue or in contrasting colours. Make sure you press down the edge of the masking tape to avoid bleeding; you can gently use a plastic ruler to get even pressure. Finally, be careful not to make the coats too thick near the edge of the tape and remove it before the final coat is dry.

Wallpaper, textured paints or decals are another great way to add interest to one or more walls; there are so many options available to add personality to your bedroom!

Choosing the Paint Colour:

Once you have your inspiration, you’ll need to select an actual paint colour for your project. Firstly collect paint chips in colours that work in the space. Once the colour options have been narrowed, you can use large hand painted colour samples, called Brush-Out Boards, to assist with final colour selection; they allow you to move the board around and view the paint colour under different lighting conditions and get a feel for the best shade before committing to the final colour. Brush-Out Boards come ready painted with the actual paint so you don’t have to mess around with sample pots and painting splotches on your walls. Click here for more info on Brush Out Boards.

Need more help? Be sure to visit the team at your local Inspirations Paint store for more colour and project advice.

*Dulux Australia Research 2017.

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