Using Artwork to Inspire Your Paint Colours Articles

Using Artwork to Inspire Your Paint Colours

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If your next paint project has artwork and other pieces of home décor on display, it makes sense to work with the colours of these pieces. Using complementing or contrasting colours will visually impact the final result of your project.

To give you some examples of using artwork to inspire paint colours, we recently teamed up with Stampede Style. Stampede Style are a boutique online business creating animal inspired, contemporary fine art Giclée prints and they share our passion of helping people enhance and transform their living spaces. Their new artwork collection includes a combination of Australian and iconic birds; Galah, Major Mitchell, Black Cockatoo, Peacock and Peahen, Tawny Owl, Boobook Owl and Flamingo.

In the timelapse video above, Inspirations Paint came up with three looks (paint projects) using colours from Stampede Style’s Peacock and Peahen artwork as inspiration. You can really see the difference that paint colours make.

Project Name

Neutral Lounge Room with Stampede Style

Project Name

Light Blue Lounge Room with Stampede Style

Project Name

Green Bedroom with Stampede Style

If you’re a DIY home renovator and plan on using artwork to inspire the paint colours of your next project, here are three quick tips to help achieve a designer look:


You want to create interest but the artwork still needs to be the hero. In-store colour expert, Kath Haynes, from Inspirations Paint suggests picking out the less obvious colours as a backdrop, “this allows the artwork to really pop” says Kath. “Narrow it down to two or three less dominant hues to see which works best and go from there”.


Kath recommends collecting a number of paint chips in hues inspired by the artwork. Once the colour options have been narrowed, large hand painted colour samples called Brush Out Boards were used to assist with final colour selection. Kath went on to say, “Brush-Out Boards are great because they allow you to position the paint colour under different lighting conditions to get a feel for the best shade before committing to painting the whole wall”.

Making the scheme work for your entire room:

Furniture and accessories are the icing on the cake for room makeovers; if you have some neutral furniture pieces you can work with these as a starting point and update your soft furnishings. Property stylist, Louise Hatcher, says “add a touch of metallic and some textured neutrals like a sheepskin or a beautiful throw, you can also add some black and white to make it bold."

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