Your DIY Automotive Paint Project

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Your DIY Automotive Paint Project Articles

Your DIY Automotive Paint Project

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If the paint on your car is looking scratched, aged or faded, a number of Inspirations Paint stores stock a wide range of Automotive Paint products that will help you tackle a DIY respray or touch-up project and potentially save you thousands of dollars. 

automotive paint for cars

With a DIY job like this, there are a few steps you will need to consider to get the job done right the first time. Firstly, because a project like this may take several days, be sure to check out our 2015 Paint Project Planner to allocate plenty of time. It should also be noted that because of the complexities that tend to go with auto paint projects such as this, you should always speak to our expert staff before beginning.

Get your equipment ready

Make sure you stock up on plenty of painters tape, cleaning rags, solvents, wet and dry sandpaper, an air compressor and a spray gun, face masks, safety glasses, and a dust extractor if possible. You will also need your paint including the undercoat and topcoat (acrylic or enamel) and your clear-coat lacquer.

Prepare your area

Spray painting your car inside a shed or garage will help protect you from the elements, but outside is also fine if you plan on painting your car on a clear day. Start by cleaning your area and getting rid of dust. Wash your car down with water to remove road grime, mud and grease.

If you plan on painting more than just the exterior of your car (such as detailing the engine bay, inner doorsills, etc), head in to your nearest Inspirations Paint store to discuss the finer details of your project to ensure you get the best advice that’s right for you.

Stripping off the old paint

Use your sandpaper to strip back the original paint as close back to the metal as you possibly can. This can be quite time consuming but well worth the effort in the long run as it will add to a smoother finish. Once you have finished sanding, use clean rags with solvents to clean the area. Wait until dry before priming the area.

Priming your car

Use painters tape and newspapers or plastic sheeting to mask off any areas you don’t intend to get paint on. Before you attempt to start spraying on your primer, we recommend practicing on a spare sheet of metal to get your technique right. Allow for about six inches between the spray gun and the surface and only spray when moving. Too much spray will cause the primer to streak.

Once you have evenly sprayed two to three coats and have allowed time (about half an hour) for the primer to cure, you are ready to lightly sand the surface to a smooth finish.

Painting your car

As with priming your car, always follow the directions on the paint can for number of coats to apply and time allowed for coats to dry. Once you have sprayed the appropriate amount of coats on to your car and allowed the right amount of time for the paint to dry, peel off your painters tape.

If you find any imperfections, lightly sand until you are happy with the end result.

As previously mentioned, these steps should help you tackle your DIY auto paint project, but we must strongly recommend you begin by discussing your plans to spray paint your car with our expert staff.

Click here to see which Inspirations Paint stores stock automotive paint in Australia.

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