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  • How Do I Change the Look and Colour of a Brand New Treated Pine Deck?
How Do I Change the Look and Colour of a Brand New Treated Pine Deck?

How Do I Change the Look and Colour of a Brand New Treated Pine Deck?

There are many ways to change the look of your deck, being that its brand new it opens up heaps of possibilities. 


Intergrain Ultradeck has been designed to be used on treated pine, with long-lasting, semi-transparent wood stain, this water based product delivers outstanding durability. It weathers naturally and is ideal for changing the colour of treated pine and reviving faded timber.


With new timber it’s important to the let the boards age, this can be done in two different ways

  1. Allowing the timber to weather for at least 4 to 6 weeks (multiple weather events are to happen in this time) the process of timber getting wet and drying out repeatedly will push any tannins and chemical salts from the timber.  You can simulate rain by hosing during a dry spell.
  2. Applying Intergrain Power Prep – this is an alkaline chemical process that removes excess tannins and preservation chemicals salts from new timber. Power prep can be applied the day after the deck is laid.

The next step after you’ve completed the aging process of the boards is to start the cleaning process by using Intergrain Reviva. Reviva is a solution that is diluted with water and used to scrub down the surface, removing any dirt or tannin residues, it will also bleach the timber back to its original colour and restrict mould growth, a perfect preparation for coating a deck. Sticking with Intergrain products for the entire project will result in an optimum finish as the system is designed to work together to aide in appearance and longevity.

Allow the deck to thoroughly dry before applying any subsequent coats.


NaturalStain is available in a wide range of timber colour options to cater for individual designs or in your case to give treated pine the appearance of another more luxurious kind of timber like Merbau for example. To achieve the hardwood finish you’re after, we would recommend using the Merbau stain on the treated pine. The rich colour will offer a sense of beautiful quality while still showing the authentic wood grain through the stain.

Apply two coats of NaturalStain, allowing two hours drying between coats using a quality brush or lamb’s wool applicator. When staining large areas, such as decking, stain no more than three boards at a time and run along the length of the board not across it. Allow two hours to dry before applying a second coat. Three coats may be required in extreme conditions such as full sun exposure, around pools and in humid areas or to achieve a darker shade of the required colour. Depending of the size of your deck the cleaning and application can be done in two days or in other words in one weekend.


 It’s important to look after your deck if you want it to last. Check over the deck every 12 months and look for any signs of colour fade or deterioration. Mild colour fade is the first sign you need to recoat along with a failed water bead test. To do this test simply sprinkle some water onto the most faded section of the deck if the water beads you coating system is still intact (repeat this test in three months) if the water soaks into the deck then it’s time to recoat your deck.

To refresh the look of the NaturalStain you’ve used and to add timber protection without dramatically changing the colour give the deck a clean with reviva and apply one coat of intergrain Natural stain.

Following these steps using these products will result in a beautiful long-lasting deck. For further advice regarding woodcare products and specific tools used for application, visit your nearest Inspirations Paint store.