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  • How Do I Paint Over Stained Skirting Boards?
How Do I Paint Over Stained Skirting Boards?

How Do I Paint Over Stained Skirting Boards?

Prepare the skirting board

Start by moving furniture well out of the way so that you have plenty of space to get in and paint the skirting. Before you can paint your skirting its recommended you apply an adhesion test on the current surface to make sure the skirting boards are in a suitable condition to paint. If the boards are still in good condition the next step would be to give the boards a light sand to remove any surface imperfections with 120 grit sandpaper, sanding the skirting will also help to roughen the stain so that the new paint will adhere to it better. This can be a fiddly job, especially if your skirting is quite decorative, but it’s essential that you do it.

Once you’ve sanded all the skirting, vacuum the room to remove the dust, using a thin nozzle to get in close and make sure that area is clean. Clean the skirting to remove any remaining fine dust or grease, using a Selleys Sugar Soap Wipes. Allow to dry before moving on to the next step.

Painting the skirting board

Before you start painting, lay some paper or sheets on the floor to protect against spills. A strip of masking tape along the edge of the flooring, as close to the boards as possible, will further protect your floor or carpet. Now you’re ready to paint.

You’ll need to start with a sealer/primer to stop any stain coming though and to proper prepare the surface, we recommend using Zinsser Odourless Primer which is an oil-based primer without the nasty oil-based odour, which means it’s perfect to use inside, it also has a bright white finish making it easier to paint over with the top-coat. Once the undercoat is dry you’re ready to apply the top-coat, this part can be tricky, start by cutting in along the top of the skirting, go slowly and use a small amount of paint at a time making sure to wipe excess paint off the brush along the edge of the tin.  Brush from right to left (reverse if you are left-handed), so that you’re not leaning across awkwardly. When you’ve cut in a section along the top of the skirting, move to the bottom and do the same. Then you can fill in the middle with more confidence. Keep checking for drips as you go along, and use a brush or cloth to wipe them whenever you see them.  Move along the skirting, taking your time and always being careful.

For trims and skirting boards we recommend using a water-based paint like Berger Premium Water Based Enamel or Dulux Aquanamel, both are non-yellowing and are available in a range of colours. When painting skirting boards go for a semi-gloss finish so that you have a nice modern look and an even finish. Make sure to wait the recommended drying time before applying the second coat, pay special attention to any drips or bumps, being sure to sand them right down otherwise they will get worse with the second coat. Wipe over the skirting with a damp cloth after sanding to remove the fine dust then you’re right to apply the second coat.

As always we recommend you visit your nearest Inspirations Paint store for the best advice for your paint project.