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  • How to Coat Your New Timber Deck in 1 Day
How to Coat Your New Timber Deck in 1 Day

How to Coat Your New Timber Deck in 1 Day

You’ve got a brand spankin’ new deck, now it’s time to coat it to finish it off. You can do it in a day! Then, we can party.

You’ll need:


Prepping your surface correctly is crucial when starting your timber coating journey. It allows the coating to apply much more smoothly and evenly.

For new bare timber you’ll need to draw out the tannins and natural oils from the surface. Wet the timber and then scrub with Cabot’s New Timber Prep. Follow up with Cabot’s Deck Clean following the instructions on the label for a squeaky-clean deck. Remove any excess water with a squeegee and let the timber dry for at least one hour.

Deck cleaning


Grab your flat paddle stirrer and stir through Cabot’s Aquadeck before and during use. Apply the coating generously along the length of each decking board using Cabot’s Deck Coat Applicator. Don’t forget to coat any exposed edges and the ends of every board.

Dry time

Leave your deck to dry for at least one hour before applying a second coat. Leave the second coat to dry for a few hours.

Marvel in your handiwork

Grab your favourite cool beverage and a deck chair, sit back and marvel at your handiwork. Maybe even snap a few pics for Instagram. Don’t forget to tag us @insppaint!