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  • Removing Mould From Your Deck
Removing Mould From Your Deck

Removing Mould From Your Deck

Got a mouldy deck? We’ve got your back.

Mould is a really common problem that grows on the surface of outdoor timber, more frequently in wet or humid climates, even with proper maintenance and frequent recoats of decking oil or varnish. It is important to kill the mould effectively not just clean it off the surface otherwise it will continually come back. It’s not sufficient to apply a coating over the top of mould as it can cause the top-coat to lose grip and peel off. No matter whether your timber is brand new, coated or old and weathered, if it’s affected by mould or if you live in a very humid climate, the first step to prepping your timber should be killing mould.

Difference between cleaning and killing mould

Cleaning removes visible mould only however the mould spores are not visible and remain, meaning the visible mould will come back. Killing mould kills off the mould spores which prevent mould from regrowing.

Handy tip: Not all mould killers are safe for your deck.

Household mould killers contain harsh bleach formulations like hypochlorite bleach which can damage your timber affecting the final finish of your coating. Timber is a natural fibre, so using a gentle, biodegradable oxygen bleach formulation such as Intergrain UltraPrep Mould Killer will not only be safer for your timber and the environment, but for your health as well.

Protect yourself

It’s important to take caution when dealing with mould. Always wear protective materials especially when cleaning mould.

Let’s get started

  • Fully dissolve 100g of UltraPrep Mould Killer into 1L of water and scrub into the timber with a stiff brush.
  • Let it sit on the timber for 15 minutes to activate and kill off any mould spores.
  • Grab a high pressure washer and completely remove the solution from the timber.

If your mould is severe, you may need to repeat these steps.

Now that the mould is gone, you can move onto prepping with UltraPrep Timber Cleaner before you begin coating.