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  • When Should I Coat My Deck?
When Should I Coat My Deck?

When Should I Coat My Deck?

Finding the prime time to coat your deck is a hard task, especially when the weather is at play and completely out of our control.

In short, the best time to coat your deck is when there’s zero chance of rain for at least two days after you coat your deck.

Rain on your deck will cause water from your eyes, a double whammy when you’ve put in all that hard work. Not only that, it will cause a blotchy, flaky look, peel and flake off. We’re sure that’s not the look you’re going for. (Well, we hope it isn’t).

On the flip side, you also don’t want to coat your deck when it’s too hot, under beating sun. It’s best to hold out until sun isn’t directly on your deck.

A little tip: if your deck is hot to touch, it’s too hot to coat.

It’s important to look after your deck if you want it to last. Check over the deck every 12 months and look for any signs of colour fade or deterioration. Mild colour fade is the first sign you need to recoat along with a failed water bead test. To do this test simply sprinkle some water onto the most faded section of the deck if the water beads you coating system is still intact (repeat this test in three months) if the water soaks into the timber then it’s time to recoat your deck.