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  • How to Paint Timber Garden Beds
How to Paint Timber Garden Beds

How to Paint Timber Garden Beds

Painting your timber garden bed is a great way to refresh the look of your backyard. Plus, painting it instead of staining or oiling means you won’t have to re-coat every year!

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Can I buy it all in one of the paint shops near me? Of course, find your local Insiprations Paint store and you’re all set!


To get the best finish on your garden bed you need to ensure you prep your timber well so the paint applies smoothly and evenly.

For new bare timber you’ll need to draw out the tannins and natural oils from the surface. Wet the timber and then scrub with Cabot’s New Timber Prep. Follow up with Cabot’s Deck Clean following the instructions on the label for squeaky-clean timber. Remove any excess water with a squeegee and let the timber dry for at least one hour.

For very weathered, grey timber you’ll need to scrub the garden bed well using Cabot’s Deck Clean using the instructions on the label. Allow the timber to completely dry before coating. If garden bed still looks unclean, you may need to repeat this step.

For pre-primed or painted timber you’ll need to scrape off any flaky or loose paint and sand the surface until the finish is flat. Give the timber a good dusting and follow with Cabot’s Deck Clean according to the instructions on the label. Allow to completely dry before moving on to application.


Use a flat paddle stirrer to thoroughly mix Cabot’s Timbercolour Deck & Exterior Paint using an up and down scooping motion. There is no need to prime first as the paint has a primer built in for maximum longevity and protection for your timber.

If the garden bed is not yet made, you can paint all the sides of the timber before it gets put together. If the garden bed is already made you can paint up to the soil line if you’re strapped for time, or remove the soil completely to paint the inside too.

Painting timber planter box

You can use a paint roller, brush or spray machine to apply the coating. Ensure you generously coat down the boards making sure to coat the end grain. If you choose to use a spray machine, make sure you back brush immediately to get an even smooth finish.

Each coat you apply requires at least 2 hours of dry time before you can apply a new coat on top. Some colours may only need 2 coats, while others you may need to apply 3 coats to achieve maximum opacity.

Get planting!

Make sure you use a plastic liner between the timber and the soil, fill the bed with soil and add in your favourite plants and flowers. Don’t forget to give them a water once you’re done!

Marvel at your handiwork

Grab your favourite cool beverage and a deck chair, sit back and marvel at your handiwork. Maybe even snap a few pics for Instagram?. Don’t forget to tag @insppaint!