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  • When is it Time to Refresh My Timber?
When is it Time to Refresh My Timber?

When is it Time to Refresh My Timber?

You should maintain your timber’s coating every year, but life gets busy and sometimes the last thing on your ‘to-do’ list is recoating your timber surfaces.

At the first signs of deterioration, it's time to refresh your timber. This could be discolouration, dullness, splinters, cracks or mould. Make sure to always check the timber surface for any of the above.

If you need further advice on the right products to recoat your existing timber or if you feel like a change and need help choosing a wood stain or oil, visit your local Inspirations Paint Store.

Once I refresh my timber, how long will the coating last?

There are a few things that impact how long it will last:

  • The condition of your timber. Timber that is maintained annually will preserve the coating for longer, whereas with a neglected timber surface it may need to be recoated more often.
  • How much sun exposure the timber gets. For example, is there a roof covering it or does it get sun all day, every day?
  • How much foot traffic the timber gets.

Check the condition of your timber coating every 12 months to get an idea how the coating is wearing. If it is starting to look weathered, it may be time for recoat.