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  • From Drab to Fab with Spray Paint
From Drab to Fab with Spray Paint

From Drab to Fab with Spray Paint

You can turn anything in your home from drab to fab just by adding a lick of paint to it. Using spray paint to upcycle pieces in your home is an easy, quick, and affordable way to uplift and refresh items you already own.


Most spray paint will adhere to many types of smooth surfaces including:

  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Concrete
  • Metal
  • Ceramic
  • Plastic and many more  

Depending on the surface and the condition it's in, you may need to use a primer. If you’re unsure, ask us about suitable primers and preparation tips.

Get the look

The beauty about spray paint is the huge variety of finishes you can achieve depending on what look you’re after. Spice up your favourite pieces' life with these range of finishes:

  • Gloss enamel (standard spray paint finish)
  • Chalky finish (ultra-matte)
  • Marble effect
  • Granite effect
  • Crackle effect
  • Copper finish
  • Bright finish (high shine metallics)
  • Appliance white
  • Clear gloss and more

The fun part

Start by using some Sugar Soap to clean off any dust or residue from the piece, and ensure it is completely dry before beginning.

Handy tip: If you are painting a small object like a vase or a bowl, prop it on top of a spinning cake board or lazy Susan. You can rotate the cake board to easily give you a smooth and even finish instead of you physically moving around the object and potentially marking the painted surface. To protect the cake board from also getting an (unwanted) upcycle, place a piece of cardboard over the top. Total game changer!

Applying spray paint is all about the layers (think: onions!). When using spray paint, it is always best to work in thin, light layers allowing each layer to completely dry before recoating. Each layer should be touch dry in 10-15 minutes in normal conditions (not too hot and not too cold). For safety, always:

  • Apply spray paint in a well-ventilated area
  • Wear safety glasses/goggles
  • Lay drop sheets to protect your area from being coated with overspray

If you’re using a primer, coat the piece with light thin layers until opaque, allowing the primer to dry between layers.

Follow up with your topcoat of choice in thin light layers.

If you’re using marble, granite or crackle effect, choose a base colour that is different from the effect colour for optimal contrast, as the base colour will show through the effect. E.g. dark blue base colour with a white effect colour. If you’re unsure what colour or combo to choose, chat to us for advice!

Wait for the topcoats to fully dry - check the product information on your spray pack to see the ideal dry, recoat and curing times.

Once the topcoat is fully dry, finish up with a layer of clear gloss to seal in the colour and give it a brilliant shine. If you’re going for the chalky finish, skip this step to keep it ultra-matte.

* chef’s kiss * You’re done! It’s time to marvel at your handiwork and take a pic for Instagram. Tag @insppaint to share your work and inspire your fellow project lovers!

Get inspired

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