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  • Upcycle your furniture with a distressed finish
Upcycle your furniture with a distressed finish

Upcycle your furniture with a distressed finish

Do you have a piece of old furniture that looks tired and is ready to be retired? Instead of buying a new dresser, give your old one a new lease on life by upcycling it and turn it from an eyesore to a statement piece.

Create a vintage look with Chalk Emulsion paint. Easy to use, this specialty paint glides on thick and is self-priming on most surfaces including bare timber and previously varnished or painted furniture. Chalk Emulsion is an excellent choice for achieving a distressed yet elegant effect on furniture and shelving and can be sealed using many of Porter’s specialty waxes or clear finishes.

You’ll need:

Step 1: Preparation

The current condition of your furniture will determine how much preparation is needed.

Scrape off any loose, peeling or flaking paint and fill any holes or cracks with a wood filler.

Surfaces that have been coated with a wax, oil or high gloss coating should be stripped or sanded back to bare to remove all previous coatings.

Once the furniture is in good condition, simply lightly sand your piece of furniture to create a keyed surface which will allow for better paint adhesion.

Step 2: Paint

Using a Chalk Emulsion brush, apply your first coat of Porter’s Paint Chalk Emulsion in the base colour you have chosen. This base colour will show through your topcoat once all the layers have been applied. Leave the furniture to dry for two hours.

Apply your second coat of Porter’s Paint Chalk Emulsion in a contrasting colour. You decide to add a third layer, leave for two hours to dry before applying more coats.

If you want to see the bare timber through the sanded areas, you will only need two coats.

Once you’ve applied your final topcoat, leave for at least six hours to allow the topcoat to fully dry.

Step 3: Create the distressed look

Lightly sand your topcoat to reveal the base colour and timber beneath. Apply more pressure to areas that would naturally be subject to everyday wear. Once you’re happy with the sanded aread, dust down with a clean cloth.

Using a muslin cloth, sparingly apply an even layer of Porter’s Stucco Wax to the surface of the furniture. When done, buff immediately with a cloth to achieve a smooth finish.

And that’s it! It’s time to marvel at your handiwork and take a pic for Instagram. Don’t forget to tag us @insppaint to share your work.