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  • Glow Up your Ceramic Vases
Glow Up your Ceramic Vases

Glow Up your Ceramic Vases

Do you have some old vases stored at the back of the cupboard collecting dust? Have some fun turning them into a ceramic-look statement piece that will fit right in with your décor. If you don’t have any spare vases laying around, head to your local op shop to find some hidden gems you can thrift.

This project is super easy, the longest time is spent waiting for the paint to dry!

What you will need:

You can get all of the above and more at your nearest Inpirations Paint paint store!

First up is prepping the paint to create the ceramic-like texture. Measure roughly 1 x cup of paint into a separate pot and add your Baking Powder. Stir this through so it forms a lumpy texture that has also thickened slightly. If your paint is too thick it won’t apply easy so add some extra paint until you have a consistency that’s easy to work with.

Lavender Gingham Print

For this look, we’ve chosen an on-trend gingham pattern in Dulux’s Lavender Pillow.

Starting with the white base tinted to Dulux Lexicon Quarter, grab your Sample Pot brush and paint the vase. This will create a textured, ceramic finish so it doesn’t have to be perfect. Apply two coats, waiting two hours in between for drying time.

Once the topcoat is dry, apply the checkered pattern in the colour Dulux Lavender Pillow. The decorative touches don’t need to have the baking powder added to it as the base coat creates the textured effect.

Create new looks

If you’re unsure about colour or can’t find the exact shade you’re after, we’re on hand to help! Not all colours are shown on the colour wall, so try flicking through the Dulux Colour Atlas to find the perfect shade. It is certainly a candy land of colour out there!

We also used Dulux Salmon Pate and Dulux Natural White.

Have fun with this one, it’s such a great way to give your vases and home an easy and budget friendly glow up.